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Sports ERHS Should Have

Photos by Gabriel Rodriguez

Athletics: Eagle Rock’s second favorite pastime, next to littering. Nothing beats a Friday night at whatever our football stadium is called watching people tackle each other on the field for sport. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, plenty of other teams hold games throughout the week as well. With that being said, I still feel that ERHS is deprived of sports teams. The fact that we don’t have our own golf team is a borderline crime on the admin’s part. Plenty of fun and unique sports exist outside of ERHS, some of which would be a great fit for our school. Here are a few I’ve thought of:



Out of all the sports on this list, this is the most complicated one to implement at ERHS. Picture this though, Yosemite Park is set ablaze. In its place, a shiny new cricket stadium paid for with Meal Application money. It’s the perfect plan!


The hallway floors will serve as the perfect shuffleboard. They don’t even need to be sanded, just let some kids walk on it and boom! Add some BIC pancakes as pucks, and you’ve got yourself an ideal shuffleboard setup.


We have a football field, need I say more?

Chess Boxing

Just add a game of chess between each boxing match and boom, chess boxing!


I feel like the younger, stupider Gen Z kids will appreciate this sport being added to the roster. Liabilities aside, having an inflatable Bossaball court in the quad every Tuesday would be a great addition to our school.

Sepak Takraw

Minus the complex name that most students will mispronounce, Sepak Takraw, also known as Kick Volleyball, would be a great addition to this school. Like Rugby, we have a preexisting volleyball court that can be utilized for Sepak Takraw games every week. I mean, there will surely be some lawsuits since students will use their heads to hit the volleyball, but that’s a sacrifice we should be willing to make.


Imagine this, a massive tsunami hits the California coastline, wiping out all of Los Angeles, including Eagle Rock. Out from the rubble, or in this case sand, a surfing team representing a WaterWorld Kevin Costner-ish version of Eagle Rock. Surf meets happen every Thursday, the prize is a spot on dry land for the following week until the next meet.


This sport is gonna take the school to court for sure. Liabilities aside, I’m sure we can all agree that fencing in the North Gym would be a highly popular sport at this school.


With the North Gym fully booked and the city completely flooded, our list of hypothetical sports at ERHS is complete. Although most of these sports will likely never come to fruition, it would be nice to see a few unique sports added to make ERHS stand out amongst the other 1,147 schools in LAUSD. In all seriousness though, the sports teams at this school are a standout quality that should be recognized more. Many athletes and coaches work day and night to prosper throughout season, and in my opinion, that’s a win in my book

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