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Seize the opening world, seniors!

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Art via Delta Rae Reed

This summer you can enjoy many of the events described in this article - after your senior graduation to celebrate, or if you just don’t want to sit around in your home all day. Locations provided in this article have been divided into groups of interest for people with different tastes. The first two are purely thrill or entertainment: two theme parks you’re sure to know and love which all can be visited this summer. Another great set of places for anyone to visit so that they can get inspired are the several art exhibitions or museums we have in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, a lot is subject to change which is why this information may be outdated soon, for better or worse, as Los Angeles sits in the yellow minimal zone for reopening.

Art via Benicio Barbosa

For anyone wanting a thrill this summer, you’ll be happy to know that many theme parks are reopening over the summer and some of them are already open for common walk-in visitors. One of the most notable attractions here in Los Angeles County is the Disneyland amusement park located in Anaheim, where you can find many attractions still open including roller coaster rides and eateries. The magic kingdom doesn’t require you to be vaccinated but will ask you to wear masks unless you are eating or drinking. Another thing to mention is that while the transition to full operation is happening, there are currently no fireworks shows at the park for guests. This also extends to the parades or attractions which would gather large swathes of people. I’d encourage you to read more about it if you’re interested in visiting the park:

If the magic of a polka-dotted color palace isn’t your thing you could also try Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia California, a place jam packed with roller coasters that are sure to wake you up from the slow monotony of quarantine (staying in one place that is). You and your friends can place a reservation on their website Currently they are not accepting cash for payments at in-park locations, including purchasing parking on site. On site they seem to be charging more on weekends and increasing their price throughout the summer in July. Another thing is that they’re separating reservations at different time intervals, so hesitating may not be the wisest option if you plan on going early. You can buy a simple daily pass for one reserved day or they may ask you to buy a gold pass or season pass. It could be beneficial for you depending on how much you plan to go and some of the perks available to choose, such as a meal allowance for in-park locations, may make visits far easier to just drop in.

Admittedly, not many seniors may be interested in modern art, but it’s worth a shot if it’s being exhibited by LACMA, a Center for Modern Art in Los Angeles. This museum is constantly rotating stock throughout the years for new visitors wishing to see something fresh. Currently exhibitions are being held with reserved tickets being passed out every two weeks, on separate days depending if you’re a member or a public visitor. Visit this link for more: Primary exhibitions currently going on are the Yoshitomo Nara paintings, a visual film presentation “Not I” by Resnick Pavilion, and an ongoing interactive exhibition using snapchat and AR to bring a virtual experience to life for viewers. I’m sure these exhibitions will inspire you to feel something; the buildings aren’t always filled with the stereotypical cursed images of modern art people like to make fun of such as a blank canvas or still everyday objects stacked together.

Another spot on this list is the Natural History Museum which is located along the Science Center near USC or Figueroa Street. Such attractions not only include the museum but also other spots surrounding it such as the Rose Garden, a butterfly pavilion; however, you will need to reserve those tickets. Use There’s also the Endeavour space shuttle you can still visit with tickets to see up close.

While the country is just barely opening up, there are still a ton of places out locally that could be open in your area, so I encourage you to revisit your own neighborhood if you get the chance and discover what’s already open for business. You can even call them to ask because the worst thing they could say is no. There’s also the idea of getting together with vaccinated friends or family members in open parks. You can plan it out as you go along one specific neighborhood instead of it being predetermined. There are many options than simply going to a public place: you could host a private event such as a potluck or simply get together over the summer with any friends before they leave the area for colleges in hard to reach areas. The seniors this year may still have to wait just a little bit longer for that bright world to open up again, but it doesn’t matter so long as there’s a world to return to in the first place and people who are willing to try it out no matter what.

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