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Poetry with a purpose

Art by Grace Gill

Transcript: The world is watching you

The world is watching you 

All of their eyes are on you 

The world is watching you now 

If the pressure is too much, suck it up

You are graduating soon 

How does that feel? 

To know that the top schools in the world are looking at you now 

Everything matters from this point on 

Their eyes are on you now 

Get into that top school so you have a slight chance at being anything

Be ready to spend the rest of your life swimming in debt

You are nothing if not a university student 

Those AP classes all matter now 

They see every mistake you make 

You are no longer a human 

At most you are a sheep in the herd 

The herd of students who were taught that 

“College is the only way you will succeed”

Who are you without college 

To make a living in this world you need to have something to your name 

A 4.0 is not enough now 

If you have enough time for friends 

Forget Harvard 

Be good at everything 

Play a sport 

Do an art

Do at least a million things to have the chance to be anything 

But you have until June 

You have until June to live out the rest of your childhood 

Get it together 

Let the senioritis sink in 

Forget Stanford 

Sink into that money grab that is that big name school 

Enjoy your freedom while you can 

Because you will never see it again

Congrats Graduate 

The world is watching you

Art by Grace Gill

Transcript: Who am I?

Who am I?

I look inside and outside of myself to find where I belong

I stand at center stage but I am told to move

I stand off to stage left

What about me is so hard to like?

I put on the best performance of my life 

Yet you can't offer up a round of applause 

I do everything in my power for you to like me

Where do I belong? 

My identity is blurred between the lines of 

Trying to please you or please me

I'm lost in a maze of trying to find myself 

I'm stuck between you liking who I am and me liking who I am 

I slowly am coming to the realize that I can not make us both happy 

No matter how many shows I put on, you dislike them

I change the script but you still do not cheer 

I change the stage,that does not matter 

I am merely in a puppet show that you control 

I am a dummy that you make talk 

You are obsessed with criticizing my every move 

You are my biggest critic 

Maybe this is your way of giving me attention 

I am tired of being your puppet 

I have put on my final show for you 

Others applaud 

I must applaud you though 

Through you I have answered the question 

Who am I ?

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1 Comment

Beautiful! The art and poetry together is so moving, love it.

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