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Club profile: Sophomore Class Officers

Image by Mr. Hicks: The SOCO Board

Are you a sophomore looking to get more involved? The student-run club, Sophomore Class Officers, is just for you! Held in B32 every other Wednesday, a welcoming community awaits where their main focus is to plan fundraisers and bonding events for the class of 2026. With their sponsors, Mr. Gudex and Ms. Rincon, the club works tirelessly to be set for the most important years of their high school career: junior and senior year. They’re currently fundraising to prepare for their future Junior Dinner Dance and Senior Prom which is their utmost priority. 


Every meeting is always somewhat different than the last. The club’s president, Veronica Dawson, gives a presentation about future events, whether that’s for bonding or fundraising, to encourage

others to join them. Then, members are dispersed into their committees: publicity, bonding, or fundraising. Members of publicity learn how to create Instagram posts and design posters for future events/meetings. The bonding committee pitches ideas for events to be planned and coordinated by their designated vice president. Lastly, fundraising members also pitch ideas on what and where to raise money which are then put into action by the fundraising vice president. 

Meet the board!

All further photos Charles-Henry Lubatti: Veronica Dawson and Lily Avina

The president and founder of SOCO, Veronica Dawson, mainly oversees the entirety of the club and keeps all three vice presidents in check. She’s also in charge of communicating with other organizations, whether that’s with ASB to coordinate their fundraisers or with staff members for paperwork, Veronica is always on top of it. Even though she’s always working hard on her academic life, she never forgets to save time for friends. 

As secretary, Lily Avina works closely together with Veronica to plan meetings and take important notes. She works on slide presentations and keeps the ideas within meetings organized. Out of the club, she enjoys ballet and reading in her free time. 

Kylie Sadsad and Katherine Guan

Vice-president, Katherine Guan, specializes in publicizing the entirety of the club. She’s in charge of the club’s Instagram, creating posters, and teaching her committee how to help publicize events. Katherine fills her schedule with being in ERHS’s symphonic band or playing in one of the three sports that she’s in.

Kylie Sadsad’s attention as SOCO’s bonding vice president is solely focused on pitching, planning, and executing events that enforce a community within the club. Her committee assists her in creating ideas for future events and eventually carrying them out. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting and going out with her friends. 

Itzia Chavez and Victor Pack

Itzia Chavez has one of the most important jobs as the vice president of fundraising; she plans events to raise money, emails outside corporations for hands-off fundraisers, and cooperates with her committee for ideas to fund the club. She can also be found in pep rallies since she participates in the drill team as well. 

SOCO’s valuable treasurer, Victor Pack, keeps a close eye on the club’s overall finances. Mainly focusing on paperwork for fundraisers, he’s specialized in communicating with the financial manager and other staff members. Whenever Victor isn’t running around campus getting signatures, he enjoys participating in the school’s tennis team!

Future plans

Overall, SOCO is a great opportunity for getting involved in one way or another. They can be seen fundraising during dances, football games, and more. They've announced their name, The Ethereal One's, and their colors as well: purple, gold, and white. Again, meetings are held in Ms. Rincon’s room B32 every other Wednesday, so don’t forget to come and support them!

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