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Not a typical coming of age story: the new teen experience

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The coming of age experience has always been extremely glorified in pop culture and as teens, we strive to have that serene movie experience. However, due to our current global situation, the only movies that seem fitting are apocalyptic. This worldwide timeout has halted any activities that are not socially distanced, but this new standard has pushed us to discover more outlets. Gen-Z has triumphed and found new forms of self-expression during this time and we have reinvented the new teen experience.

Loren Terrezas: Softball and Friend Interaction

Loren’s senior year was one that she had been dreaming of since the beginning of her high school career. As an athlete, perfecting her craft and being able to unite with her friends for senior activities was something that she was eagerly waiting for; however, the pandemic struck during her junior year and now continues to disrupt her senior. While speaking with Loren, she stressed that softball was her outlet and a great way to be with friends, but now she uses it as a form of expression to regain some normality. Additionally, she has also felt that FaceTiming her friends has brought her great comfort and now works as a new outlet as well.

Griffin Joseph: Working Out

Similar to Loren, Griffin is also an athlete who has found that working out and staying active during quarantine has kept him “entertained and engaged.” Before the lockdown, Griffin was actively practicing every single day and pushing himself to hit 80 mph while pitching, but when the shutdown began, he had lost hope and he didn’t know if he would ever be able to reach his goal. After a couple of months of having no access to any baseball, he decided to be proactive at home and dedicate his time to lifting and home exercising. Now that there is a lesser restriction, he is pushing himself harder than ever and is pitching mid to high 80s and this outlet of working out and baseball has made him a happier and overall a better person during these times.

Briana Garcia: Photography

As for me, I have found that being in quarantine has been a creativity killer. As someone who enjoys the arts, it has been hard to find inspiration during a pandemic and not give in to the gloom. Nevertheless, I was extremely bored one day and happened to come across my old camera and after picking it up, inspiration struck. My camera and I are now attached by the hip and being able to create art has helped me channel a lot of my feelings into an activity. The photos that I have taken have all been out of boredom or just snapping whatever I felt needed to be captured and I am so grateful for being reunited with my camera. The photos above are just some that I have captured during quarantine and I really hope that this time allows me to develop my craft further.

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