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Mini-Humans of Eagle Rock

Image by Nyda Hosack


Likes about ERHS: English class, playing soccer at lunch, the teachers and having classes with his friends

Dislikes about ERHS: The homework load, history class, and that he can’t be on the school soccer team

Image by Lilah Hayes


Likes about ERHS: Basketball, football, the different activities and clubs, horticulture class (even though it’s hot and dirty)

Dislikes about ERHS: The stress surrounding all the fights, rumors, and bullying

Image by Nyda Hosack


Likes about ERHS: Big campus, a lot of space, and everyone seems nice

Dislikes about ERHS: The lack of tables and the weird umbrellas attached to them

Image by Lilah Hayes


Likes about ERHS: Lunch, passing period, and basically any time when he doesn’t have to be in class

Dislikes about ERHS: Every class except Mr. Kobaissi’s, the flag football team, bullying, and English class

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