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We All Float at ERHS: IT Chapter Two Review

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Art by Jessica Lau

There’s so much to say about IT Chapter Two, I can’t figure out how to say it. First and foremost I do have to issue a minimal spoiler warning. I also think it's important to point out some things that could be mentally or medically triggering to some people. There are multiple triggers throughout the movie, such as domestic violence, homophobia, blood, injury, suicide, and flashing lights. If you're squeamish I would take caution before seeing Chapter Two. The movie does have a scene referred to as the bloodiest scene in horror movie history. The flashing lights could be a possible trigger for epilepsy attacks. This is my warning to those of you who are sensitive, I ask you to be careful. It’s also important to mention that this movie is rated R so if you are under 18/17 I advise to bring an adult with you before trying anything funny at the movie theatre for the sole purpose of getting in.

Now into the good stuff. If you’re going to see IT Chapter Two to shake in your seat with fear I’m sorry to say you won’t be too happy. There were more laughs in the theatre than dead silence, which is off-putting for a horror movie. It was more comedic than scary. Do you know what people want when they go see a horror movie? Horror. The characters were funny, they were themselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone wants more of the characters, more of their banter and relationships, which is good. This movie is about the losers and their time in Derry, but not only that. It’s about the losers and their time in Derry defeating Pennywise. This movie needed more scares, even a bit more taunting from the dancing clown would have done the movie good. It was more about the power of belief and imagination and your mind in general rather than a crazy clown who eats people. Which is not bad at all! Though if you want a nearly three-hour film about a people-eating clown, this isn’t the right movie for you.

Some of the character development was weak if I’m being honest. You take these amazing characters, they leave for twenty-seven years, come back practically the same but more grown into their facial features? They each have their own lives accurate to their characters but oh boy the character development and dimension that was missed out on haunts me at night. On the subject of the characters, the casting for them was just great. Bill Hader as an older Finn Wolfhard was a casting decision I will respect until death. If I had no knowledge about these actors and you told me Jack Dylan Grazer was a younger James Ramsone I would believe you. The acting was great, the casting was great, I hold a lot of respect for the actors and their characters.

That being said what was put on screen was accurate and held true to the story. This movie dealt with more serious and sensitive topics than the first one. The characters are not children but adults, therefore the content of this movie was appropriate for older viewers. Things like homophobia, domestic violence, suicide, and hate crime were present in this film. All which brought dimension to the storyline and characters. All of which some people were upset about after seeing the movie. The very first scene was seen as controversial due to a gay character being attacked and thrown off a bridge. This scene was needed due to the background of one of the characters being a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Moments like these that depict serious realities add to the movie and story. In a way, they also spread awareness of very serious things happening in our modern society. Overall, if you love the story, if you love the losers, if you in any way feel intrigued, go witness the end!!

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