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Coachella performance ratings

Some may say that this year’s Coachella lineup isn’t the best; however, I still believe that there are some honorable mentions for this year’s performances. 

Lana Del Rey

Let’s start with our first headliner of the year! Although many were excited to see our girl on stage, while watching, many might’ve also fallen asleep. Although that’s just how her music is, so why put her in a festival? I’m supposed to be jumping around screaming, not crying to Video Games featuring Billie Eilish. Just to clarify, I’m not diminishing her as a singer or performer in any way; I love Lana and believe she’s a wonderful artist, but do not put that girl on a festival stage ever again. 

PS. Her outfits, her presence, her everything, were beautiful. I just don’t think the performance was right for ending the first night of Coachella. 8/10

Doja Cat

Now this. This is festival music. Very hyped audience with insane choreography. Some friends said they were borderline terrified, but that’s what she was going for and she executed it perfectly. I’m not a big fan of Doja’s music, but I will always applaud a high-energy and entertaining concert. 9/10 

Tyler the Creator

Tyler the Creator is the performer; insanely high energy and wonderful songs with wonderful vocals, i mean, what more can you ask for? I love how he started by literally smashing through a trailer, the dedication and choreography were top-tier. On top of all that, he brought so many guest stars that all gave an amazing performance without overshadowing the main star of the show: Tyler. 10/10

Sabrina Carpenter 

America’s pop princess, Sabrina Carpenter. This performance had effortless vocals, jaw-dropping outfits, and an amazing set with such colorful energy throughout the show. She always looks like she’s having such a blast on stage and honestly, she was born to be a performer. 10/10

Faye Webster

Throughout the entire performance, the audience never stopped swaying and singing. And that’s all a concert really needs. Faye started the setlist with a little minion video which the perfect introduction for what was to come. Again, amazing vocals and of course amazing songs. Can’t wait to see her next year. 9/10

Reneé Rapp

My girl, my everything, Renee Rapp. Her energy throughout the entirety of the performance was unmatched, from beginning to end the audience’s enthusiasm never died down. Don’t even get me started on her vocals… oh my god… her voice just blesses my ears. She even brought out Kesha. What more needs to be said? 10/10

Chappell Roan

Her first time performing at Coachella and I was truly in awe. Her outfits on both weekends were stunning and her audience engagement was fantastic. She also had one of the loudest audiences I’ve heard besides the headliners; so, where’s Chappell Roan Coachella headliner 2025? 10/10  

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