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Manifestation: Spreading Good Vibes

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Has anyone ever told you, “I get good vibes from you” ? That’s probably because you are literally radiating positive energy! Humans are constantly radiating vibrations of energy, positive or negative. For instance, if you feel enthusiastic and peaceful, then you are giving out positive energy. On the contrary, people who emit negative energy may feel anxious or stressed. The type of energy you radiate will attract what comes into your life. This concept is known as the “Law of Attraction.”

We are constantly attracting things with the energy that we vibrate. Depending on the energy we emit, the things we attract could be either wanted or unwanted. Manifestation is when something appears into your reality through your emotions, thoughts, and actions, which contributes to the energy you emit. Needless to say, our minds play a great part in what happens in our lives. The problem with this is that we are mostly unaware of what we attract. So if life feels like it’s crashing down, it may be that you’re radiating negative energy and attracting hardships. If you’re having constant deprecating thoughts, they will eventually turn into a reality, whether you’re trying to attract it or not. Of course, being aware of what kind of energy you possess will help you attract better things into your life; that’s the power of the mind. But how do you use this to your advantage? How do we turn our good thoughts into reality?

There are a few steps to using the law of attraction for your advantage. First, choose what you would like to manifest, be specific, and be confident in your desires. Keep in mind that this can be anything. After picking your subject, visualize it. Imagine how it would look like ( the more detail, the better it) and how it would feel if you had what you wanted. Visualization is helpful in this process.

In addition, it is important to get rid of negativity, whether they are thoughts, emotions or people, anything that gets in your way you should eradicate and push away. One tip for this is to put yourself first. In other words, take care of yourself and replace the negative with positive. For instance, stop being so self-critical, and replace those pooh-pooh thoughts with compliments (e.g. try complimenting yourself once a day).

Furthermore, take action to support your manifestation. An example of this is writing down what you would like to manifest. Something else that could help is listening to your gut. If you have a gut feeling about something, go for it. In order to manifest, you must work for it.

Lastly, appreciate what you have around you. Appreciation is vital as it spreads positive energy into the world. Once you have manifested, remember to appreciate what you have gained. Being ungrateful will spread negative energy.

It’s better to start small when trying this out for the first few times. Smaller manifestations usually take less time and effort to appear. Let’s say you want to manifest a black cat. Think of a black cat, visualize a black cat and imagine how you would feel if you saw a black cat. Afterward, tuck the thought of a black cat away, and don’t think about it for the rest of the day. Being fixated on the thought of a black cat will spread negative energy, and impede the manifestation. But, simply because you thought of a black cat and visualized it, you will likely see one during your day, whether it is a silhouette of a black cat, a drawing, or an actual black cat, you will see a black cat somewhere in your day.

There are a few signs of manifestation. One sign is hearing about your desires, whether it is written, illustrated, or voiced. Another sign is feeling sparks of joy and excitement, this indicates that your manifestation is near. The positive energy that you feel and receive is a good sign! Moreover, repeating numbers is a sign as well (e.g 111, 222, 333). These repeating numbers are known as angel numbers, and they usually have different meanings. Pay attention to the numbers you see. Make sure to pay attention to these signs.

One of the most common reasons you’re preventing yourself from manifesting may be the fact that you are doubting yourself. Doubting the process will create negative energy, and you must truly believe that it will come in order for it to happen. Another reason may be that you’re too infatuated with the thought itself. To achieve what you want, you must learn to let it go for a bit. Being too focused on your manifestation will not help you in the long run. Remember that we control our lives with the energy we produce. Trust and believe in the process, be patient (some take longer than others depending on what you try to manifest), and continue to spread good vibes!

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