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Keipp's Korner: Edition #1

Photo by Gabriel Rodriguez

Today's Question:

What advice / wisdom would you offer parents and seniors who are anticipating and preparing for the bittersweet reality of a child moving out to attend college? What are your thoughts as a principal and as a mom?

"For the typical journey of childhood, seniors have had at least seventeen years of advice, observations, challenges, success, and more. For the Keipps, my husband and I have challenged our daughters to look at multiple perspectives. We also tell them repeatedly that we love them. I have bid them farewell with the closing refrain, “I love you and ask good questions.” Asking questions provides an opportunity to clarify, deepen, and explore. We have constantly reminded them to be safe and observe their surroundings to determine right/wrong, risk/reward, etc. With Madeline and Monica in Boston, we know that we have done our best while they were in Los Angeles. We can provide our insights as needed. They are a quick text, phone call, FaceTime, etc unlike the olden days of letter writing that I had with my family! With our Jocelyn and Julianna, we have the same electronic connections and a quick drive up the 5 freeway. Even if we are not physically together, we carry each other in our hearts, behaviors, and photographs on our phones or laptops. The blessing of being at the girls’ school is that I simply look at the Quad to be transported to one of Monica’s pep rally cheer performances, poolside for Madeline and Julianna doing butterfly warm ups, or the 2nd floor hallway for Jocelyn’s morning locker crew. The flip side is the sadness in not hearing, “Hey, Mom” for the first time in six years. When each one of my babies moved out for college, she was never really gone. I always get to be the proud principal and parent of Jocelyn, Madeline, Julianna, and Monica. So, my advice is to actively participate and reflect on our shared, grand adventure to respect our school and community, optimize effort, challenge learning, and kindle kindness."

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