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Is procrastination as detrimental as everyone makes it seem?

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

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Society has long regarded procrastination as a self-sabotaging dysfunctional behavior that undermines performance and restricts potential. It is conceived as task-specific avoidance behavior. Often, people procrastinate when they don’t have the motivation to complete a task; however not all procrastination behaviors are prompted by negative reasoning. Is procrastination as detrimental as everyone says?

Priority Management

Procrastination has a lot to do with how you manage your time. Poor allocation of your time is the result of poor decision-making. We put off doing certain tasks because of how we align our priorities. The stress of urgency and deadlines could be avoided by making decisions and by prioritizing needs rather than wants. Decision-making is crucial to time management.

Due Date

Although many who procrastinate do it because of a lack of interest, many do it for positive advantages. Those people find that waiting until the last minute provides them with several benefits. These types of procrastinators purposely delay action because of their ability to work well under pressure. A sense of urgency is a prime motivator; it encourages productivity and creates a need to focus.

When there are deadlines, the effects of procrastination are contained because of a sense of panic. If the only motivator to complete these tasks is an impending deadline,

this sense of panic won’t work for the majority of life situations. In non-deadline situations, the same sense of panic won’t appear because there is no time limit to worry about. The urgency that was present in a previous situation is gone.

Procrastination is the reason behind a wide range of academic issues. A 2015 analysis showed that procrastination was negatively correlated with academic performance, and has led to a significant decrease. Researchers have reported negative effects on learning and achievement, including lower grades and course withdrawal. The pressure of time resulting from procrastination reduces accuracy and punctuality.

At some point, everyone has procrastinated, but not everyone has had to face the consequences that could potentially come from it. Procrastination may be a short-term solution to several situations, but it may severely affect you in the long run.

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