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I made a TikTok Family Guy account in an attempt for clout

Author's note: This article is about the Family Guy Pipeline, so if you don’t know what’s going on with the accounts that reupload Family Guy on TikTok, be sure to read Cedric Mallari's article about it.

One day I realized that you don’t need any talent to go viral on the internet, especially on a short-form content platform such as TikTok. This was during the time when Family Guy clips on TikTok were going viral. My friend suggested the idea of creating a Family Guy account, and honestly, we were bored, so we decided to make a TikTok account and share the email and password with each other. We figured that if we both made one video a day and stayed consistent, we could break through the algorithm with a good upload schedule.

I got ready with all the classic Family Guy mobile games.

It started great. The first two videos got 1600 views within a day, so we were very motivated to keep uploading more. Sadly, the most viewed videos were the first ones because the algorithm wasn’t showing our recent ones to many people. We kept at it for a few days, but we both got burnt out extremely quickly. Each new video was getting 100-300 views, and we only had about 40 followers. We weren’t seeing the success we wanted, and we forgot about the account for a little bit.

It then came time for journalism pitches again, and I didn’t have any ideas. I was thinking about how I was disappointed that I didn’t stick with the Family Guy account, and then I thought to myself, “Why not do it for school?” I thought it would make an interesting story, and it would motivate me to stay consistent with it for a while.

Because uploading daily didn’t seem to work, I decided to make a few videos a day, and I saved them on my phone until I had about 8-9. I uploaded them all at once, and I was really surprised.

I uploaded 6 in a row, and then I kinda forgot about it for a few hours, and I decided to check it. Most of the videos got less than 1,000 views, but randomly one of them got 10,000! It motivated me to make 3 more videos (the top 3 videos), and I uploaded them all, hoping to get more videos in the 10 thousand range. Sadly, I didn’t get as many views on them.

The TikTok algorithm is something that people have tried to figure out, but it just seems random to me. No matter what I tried to keep consistent about the videos, they would fluctuate a ton in views, no matter what hashtags or stickers I put in the videos.

@saragfunnies is the account by the way, you can check it out and overstimulate yourself with the mobile gameplay.

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