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Humans of Eagle Rock: Halloween edition

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Staff writers Sofia Casias and Lauren Acevedo walk around campus capturing some of Eagle Rock’s staff and students on Halloween. Question of the day: What’s your favorite candy?

Allan Sharado, 10th grade. “Crunch.” All photos by Sofia Casias

Jules Fleuette, 12th grade. “I don’t eat candy.”

Senior Group. (Left to right) Andrew Martinez, “Life Savers.” Darrin Pada, “Tootsie Rolls.” Samuel Rodriguez, “Hershey’s Kiss.” Janny Sok, “Peanut M&M’s.” Mikalani Verador, “Crunch.” Amelie Tangtam, “Green Sour Patch.”

Ms. Zhong’s Class. The majority of this group from Ms. Zhong’s class agrees that Jolly Ranchers are their favorite candy. Ms. Zhong, however, prefers dark chocolate.

Emma Dugan, 10th grade. “Kit Kats.”

Gavin Mejia, 7th grade, “Swedish Fish.” Steven Peraza, 7th grade, “Twix.” Dr. G, “Sour Patch Watermelon.”

Sage Fields, 10th grade, “Airheads.” Xia Stevens-Ortiz, 10th grade, “M&M.”

Alex Chavez, 11th grade. “Twix.”

Lisseth Rivas, Grade 11, “Sour patch.” Phoenix Aguirre, 12th grade, “Sour patch.”

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