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How to Become a Fake Fan of Disney

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Art by Gianna Astorga

If you say you’re a Disney fan, you’ve probably been through the interrogation that every true Disney fan gives to one another. They ask what your favorite movie is, your favorite show, and who your favorite character is, and when all of the questions are asked, you're either in the community of Disney lovers or you're out. This conversation makes or breaks whether you will be invited to the High School Musical marathon, the Camp Rock binge, or the Let it Shine re-watch, and if you don't know at least half of the lyrics to Fabulous or the lyrics to Wouldn't Change a Thing, then you will no longer be invited to the Disney hangouts. It's never just watching a movie or two, because after you watch a couple of Disney movies, you have to watch a couple of episodes of Disney shows. You're expected to know almost the whole Phineas and Ferb theme song, the sandwich shop in Wizards of Waverly Place, and what show CeCe and Rocky Shake it Up in. I know this is a lot, as Disney fans can be the worst and the best people. They don't play, so to pass the interrogation and get through the Disney sing-along sleepovers, here are a couple of things you need to know.

High School Musical
Photo by Disney

Let's start off easy, Disney Original movies. You can never go wrong with High School Musical. Disney fans love to hear that someone’s favorite Disney Original Movie is High School Musical, and as long as you mention something about Chad Danforth being the best character, you’re golden. When talking about the first movie, to be safe, your favorite songs are either Get'cha Head in the Game , Stick to the Status Quo, or Breaking Free, and for a favorite scene, you should always stick with Stick to the Status Quo. Because of the elaborate choreography, Stick to the Status Quo is named one of the most popular numbers that Disney fans enjoy.

Now, for the second High School Musical movie, which is set during the hot summer before the Wildcat’s senior year, our protagonist Troy is the absolute worst person ever. He takes Gabriella (co-leading opposite of Troy) for granted and treats her terribly. This is an essential part of the story line, and you might want to drop that into a casual conversation. For your favorite song, you can never go wrong with Fabulous or Gotta Go My Own Way. I will warn you though, if you say your all-time favorite song is Fabulous, you will be expected to know the entire song by heart.

Last but not least of the High School Musical trilogy; High School Musical 3: Senior year. As the only High School Musical movie that was in theaters, this is the last year for the Wildcats to make their mark before they head off to college. So, as you can imagine, it’s the most emotional out of the three. Your top three favorite songs are, The Boys are Back, Can I Have This Dance, or A Night To Remember. The Boys are Back is a duet with Chad and Troy, having Chad and Troy doing a duet is reason enough for it to be considered as one of your favorites. But, the choreography is also excellent and the whole song is supposed to give off a nostalgic feel to it, and they succeed in doing so.

Photo by Disney

Picking a favorite animated Disney movie is hard, and some are so old that you have to have a really good reason to like them. Like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which is boring and like a lot of princess movies: sexist. That's why Tangled is always a great and safe option.

When talking about Tangled, Mother Gothel is the person that has haunted your dreams since you first saw the movie, where you’ve laid awake awaiting that woman to kidnap youmake sure to sprinkle that fear into the conversation. When talking about the songs in Tangled, it's not about your favorite song, but about how much Mother Knows Best scares you, and to this day, the right answer is always to the point of closing your eyes and covering your ears. Although a big rule about Tangled is to never point out the impracticality of how long Rapunzel's hair is. It's just something you don't talk about. You also never point out any plot holes or the impracticality of any Disney movie, because you will regret it, and the Disney fans will make you regret it.

Wizards of Waverly Place
Photo by Disney

Now moving onto one of the most complex, most feared topics: Disney shows. Disney fans are pretty ruthless when discussing their shows, and it's not as easy as picking your favorite song or scene like it is with movies. No, you have to do a deep analysis on characters, scenery, and even lines. When picking your favorite Disney show, you want to pick a show that makes people wish they were back in their living room watching it, which is why Wizards of Waverly Place should be your go to.

Wizards of Waverly Place stars Selena Gomez, which is already fantastic by itself, but it also includes magic. Not a lot of shows can pull off magical teenage wizards, but Disney managed to deliver four magic filled seasons of the series. With this specific show, it can be a little tricky navigating who your favorites are, but the safest options can always be Max Russo, Alex Russo’s (Selena Gomez) younger brother.

Max struggles with his power just as much as Alex and Justin (Max’s older siblings) do. But the way he goes about making those mistakes, you just can't blame him. It's always one of those situations where you think, “Yeah, I would do that.” Even though Max is your favorite character, it’s a given to mention Selena’s great acting in this show. Selena plays Alex so perfectly, which almost always makes you frustrated with Alex in the end.

But fear not, because when this whole interrogation is over, you should still be breathing. But Disney fans are brutal, so I can't guarantee anything. Now, hopefully this helped you get through a conversation with a Disney fan, and best of luck to those who end up invited to the next Disney media marathon.

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