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Girl Scout Cookies: Ranked

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Art by Joleen Cardoza and Anika Norton

Girl Scout Cookies, one of the most delicious desserts known to man, are finally in season. Having so many amazing flavors (that are available), it’s almost impossible not to spend all of your money on these treats! For the low price of 5 to 6 dollars per box, these cookies are definitely worth it. But which ones are worth buying the most? That is why I’m here! Today, I will be ranking Girl Scout Cookies!

Before we start, however, I want to share some history about the cookies. Girl Scout cookies were originally home-baked by girls with their moms as supervisors. They began selling cookies around 1917. Think about it, Girl Scouts have been selling cookies for over a hundred years! Later, Girl Scouts would go door-to-door selling these treats. The cookies were only 25-35 cents a dozen. Then 1951 came, and Girl Scouts went from selling simple sugar cookies to selling many extravagant flavors, including the Thin Mints we all know and love. Girl Scouts have evolved so much over the years, creating new boxes, new flavors, and so much more! Nowadays, some Girl Scouts are gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and Halal Certified! So much has changed, and it’s really interesting to know how it all began.

There are nine cookies currently being sold: Samoas, Lemon-ups, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos, Trefoils, Thin Mints, Girl Scout S’mores, Toffee Tastic, and the new Adventurefuls. Fortunately, I have no allergies and was able to obtain all of the cookies, so I tried them all. Each Cookie will receive a score between one and five based on its appearance, flavor, and name. The highest score a cookie can receive is fifteen and the lowest is three. May the cookie wars begin!

DISCLAIMER: This is just my opinion, all the cookies are amazing. Also, many cookies were harmed in the making of this article. Call PETF (People for the Ethical Treatment of Food) if you must.

#9 - Do-si-dos (6/15)

Photo by Victor Pack

Ranked last on the list, Do-si-dos are good, but there isn’t much that makes them too special. The cookies seemed sloppily put together, they were quite dry, and, to simply put it, looked boring. Do-si-dos are named after a type of dance; I’m not quite sure what that has to do with a peanut butter cookie. Actually, these cookies taste a lot like Nutter-Butters. They also have a very similar taste to Tagalongs, just without the chocolate. So, if you like Nutter-Butter, this is the cookie for you.

#8: Toffee-Tastic (8/15)

Photo by Victor Pack

Sadly, Toffee-Tastic was underwhelming. I love toffee, but this cookie wasn’t amazing. It didn’t have much toffee, and it looked super pale and dry. I do however like the name of this cookie! But the name kind of raises your expectations. The taste is not bad, it’s very buttery and has a few chunks of toffee that stick to your teeth. The butter, however, coats your mouth and doesn’t leave a nice feeling in it. The texture is hard and very crumbly. Good cookie, but definitely not my favorite.

#7 - Girl Scout S’mores (9/15)

Photo by Victor Pack

Girl Scout S’mores. I remember tasting these for the first time and being very excited, but these cookies did not meet my expectations. The marshmallow tastes very artificial, it wouldn’t even be recognizable as marshmallows. Especially since the chocolate is so overpowering. For being a specialty cookie costing $6, I do not believe it is really worth buying.

As you can tell, I didn’t greatly enjoy the cookies above. However, from this point on, the cookies were very good, and I quite liked them.

#6 - Tagalongs (9/15)

Photo by Victor Pack

Despite scoring the same, 9/15, as Girl Scout S’mores, Tagalongs scored higher on taste, hence ranking higher than the S’mores. A peanut butter cookie covered in chocolate, it has a nice crunch and flavor. It has a smooth chocolate coating making it seem very appealing. I enjoyed this cookie, and I totally think you should try it out!