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From the grave come the Halloween Skit and Dia De Los Muertos

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Photo by Phoebe Kim

Ever since the start of online learning and quarantine, it’s been hard to keep up the many traditions of Eagle Rock High School. But now that the chaos has started to settle, we’ve started to see the return of them. One of our returning traditions this year was our Halloween Skit Competition, which was between the class of 2023, with their theme of Us, and the class of 2024, with their theme of Coraline.

Here are the thoughts of some of the amazing Eagles who brought these skits to life:

“Honestly, my favorite part was just watching the class slowly come together, especially for the last few practices, and seeing them have fun and really enjoy, especially the dancers that didn't think that they would be able to dance and suddenly realized that they could do all these complicated moves. That was really cool. [Now that it’s over,] I'm a little relieved, I'm not gonna lie. It's nice to have my nights back. But, more so, I think that having this as sort of like a practice, having one of these down is going to help us a lot in senior year and I'm really looking forward to that.”

- Ms. Hernandez, co-sponsor of JCO

Photo by Brett Corpuz

“For the juniors, personally, we didn't start off with that many people, we actually started off with like 15 or less. And then for the first four practices, we didn't do much because it was just 15 people… But the last two practices, well the last practice, we made it mandatory for all of JCO to come. And like half of them came... and that was the funnest part out of all the practices, teaching them and seeing Thriller and getting sturdy with everybody. That was my favorite part. I feel like I’m gonna do even better next year, have more of an idea of what I want to do.”

- Jevin Vo, Junior Halloween Skit commissioner, as Coraline

Photo by Brett Corpuz

“[My favorite part was] the whole set up, but I think my absolute favorite would have to be the make-up. Just having it all complete, so much fun. It was so cool.”

- Zachary Gonzalez, as The Other Mother

Photo by Brett Corpuz

“There were like times that everyone was, like, kind of in a bad mood because you have to stay there for a few hours. But I think, like, overall, we all kind of just knew that we had to get this, we had to get through this, and yeah, it's just like a senior little family. Surprisingly, Tuesday's practice (their last practice before the performance) was really good. It was like completely just a dress rehearsal. We ran through it as many times as we could, just, like, notice details and did everything with the backups too. So it went really well. And hopefully it paid off. [After performing], I feel really relaxed. I hope that we, the seniors, win, but the juniors did amazing too. I can't deny that.”

- Noa Alpuerto, Senior Halloween Skit coach