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Francesca's Fashion Profiles

Waking up in the mornings, sleeping past your alarm, and rushing to get out of the house trying to find a cute outfit can be the least of your worries. Putting in an effort to what you wear to school can sometimes be tiring and feel like a chore, however, some students and even teachers at ERHS can effortlessly pull off killer looks.

First off, we have Junior, Noelani O’Hare, a new student to the school, transferring from Marshall. She has a unique 50’s inspired style and tends to buy most of her clothes second hand, taking lots of inspiration from her dad. On days when she is in a rush or couldn’t care less about what she’s wearing, she opts for a pair of jeans and a hoodie. Noelani defines fashion as confidence and comfort, comfort being, “Something you can own,” but also physical comfort as well. She admits to also taking inspiration from people at school and is currently on the lookout for a brown pair of corduroy pants to complete her wardrobe.

Next up, we have Ms. Clark, an English teacher here at ERHS with an eye for jewelry. She tends to wear tons of jewelry for she feels, it’s a way in which you can express yourself She can connect to her childhood, her family, where she’s been, who she’s loved through these precious treasures Sadly, a few years ago, all of her jewelry was stolen, including things from her great aunt she wanted to pass down to her daughter, and a black pearl from her trip to Fiji. Jewelry is more than an accessory, it can complete a look, it can make a statement such as her staple “SMASH THE PATRIARCHY” earrings. Although she doesn’t have much jewelry, she loves it and finds a deeper meaning into loving nice things.

Another fashionable student, Lauren Arriola has always had a unique sense of style and finds that her androgynous look creates a blurred line between masculine and feminine. Lauren’s main goal in her appearance is to feel happy and not care about what others think. She describes finding her style as a huge advancement in self-growth. She also takes great inspiration from her Grandma, who tends to have a story to every piece of clothing. She especially admires her ability to wear anything she wants. Lauren has strong feelings against retail stores and believes that secondhand shopping is more “expressive, creative, and unique.” She loves to be different, and a prime example is the two-person horse costume she wore for Halloween.

Jan Pascual, a sophomore, tends to take fashion influence from people like his brother, taking some of his outfits and slightly altering them to his liking. Jan tends to wear clothes that are a bit bigger for a fashionable oversized look. On days when he struggles to pull together an outfit, he throws on a pair of Adidas pants and a basic shirt, paired with a necklace to make up for the basic fit. Jan also opts for second-hand clothing, and he is currently on the lookout for a vintage 80’s style windbreaker. For people struggling with outfits, Jan recommends looking at profiles or models who have completed outfits that are “aesthetically pleasing” to you. From there, you can go to thrift stores and sift through the variety of clothing to form outfits that resemble those you got inspiration from.

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