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Fashion @ the Rock Pt. 2

Photos by Femi Chia

“Fashion is a way to express yourself. Some people take it personally, some people just do it to do it, you know? … Your clothing shows a lot about your emotions and how you’re feeling, just like hair does—or the way you carry yourself. That’s one thing I have to get down, is my hair…”

At a young age, junior Jackson Sealey was drawn to the fashion industry and the distinct name brands heading fashion influence worldwide. The dominance of streetwear culture today can be highly attributed to the popular lifestyle brand Supreme, of which Jackson flaunts an extensive collection of novelty items from since the first Supreme hat he was gifted by his dad in 2002: 

Jackson’s bedside table filled with new and old Supreme branded stickers. 

Jackson would describe his style as “similar but different”, taking great inspiration from music artists like Lil Yatchy, ASAP Rocky, and Travis Scott. Above this, Jackson draws inspiration from his friends, valuing their opinions and criticism when criticism is due: “I go to school and I'm wearing Gucci loafers and Carhartt pants and I’m like ‘Why did I choose to do this?’ And then I ask my friend and he’s like ‘Yeah, why did you choose to do this?’ I'm like yeah, that's not the right choice, you know?”

Photo by Nyda Hosack

Jackson chooses a style of simple yet chic with his knowledge of the fashion industry’s hidden gems and exclusive items. Today he wears a favorite from his closet: a black Camber USA hoodie. 

Photo by Nyda Hosack

A brand inspired by generations of the founder Camber Berry Schwartz' family line, Camber specializes in high-quality jersey wear and is globally known for having the best fleece wear and hoodies available. Typically only for wholesale operations (not for individual customers), their products are also infamously difficult to get a hold of. You can read more about the intriguing history and production of Camber USA here

Other staples of his closet come as hand-me-downs or are second-hand from his favorite thrift stores: “I get some of my clothes from my dad—old clothes he doesn’t want anymore, I try to work those together. I like going to Crossroads in different cities because they always have different stuff based on the styles there. I like Goodwill too, but lots of their stuff is trash…eBay, sometimes I get basic stuff from there like pants and jackets.” 

All further photos by Femi Chia

While Jackson’s closet alone can attest to an often great outfit, above everything is the carefree confidence he sports alongside it all: “That’s a big thing people are scared to do. I have the confidence in myself to wear [unique clothing] and not really care what people think…” 

Beyond a great outfit, Jackson’s easy going attitude is one we can all strive to incorporate in the journey of understanding how to express ourselves through fashion: with authenticity, individuality, and without a worry about what someone else might think.


Fashion @ the Rock is a frequent issue that aims to highlight the unique and diverse styles of students on our campus. To be featured or to suggest a feature, contact us by email at or direct message us at our Instagram handle @erscream!

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