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Fashion @ the Rock: a feature

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

How would I describe my style? I would describe it kind of as messy but elegant… feminine for sure, somewhat gothic-inspired… and very lace. But I just love fabric, you can do anything with fabric…”

All images by Femi Henry-Chia

Practically a goddess gracing the halls in five-inch heels, the sophomore’s style can be described as nothing less than art.

Held together by a total of fourteen safety pins are four layered skirts and a collection of white fabrics𑁋 those including a tablecloth, a selection of bibs, and lace flowers𑁋 tastefully arranged over a white dress and a cinched corset…

Today, Cameron (she/her) is adorned head to toe in white:

“I’m wearing a kind of amalgamation of all the different types of white pieces I have…there’s a regular white and a cream white, and it’s kind of hard to mix them, but I do.”

Cameron’s love for fashion and fabric is reminiscent of some of her favorite designers; Thierry Mugler is known for his outlandish and sculpted design, and although not a fan of plaid, the pleated patterns of Vivienne Westwood and her extravagant skirts and corsets remain an iconic classic.

Above all, Cameron’s greatest inspiration is her Yiayia (grandma in Greek), who had a particular talent for sewing. Passed down as a part of her heritage, Cameron quickly discovered a similar passion for all things fabric and soon learned one of the key ingredients to a stellar and genuine outfit:

Improvising. Figuring it out, realizing that you can kind of clip anything there, do anything there, wear anything as you like.”

Self-expression in the form of fashion dates as far back in Cameron’s life as her toddler years. Preferring to dress in her favorite princess attire, Cameron was always in the image of extravagance, but leading into elementary school and as she grew older, the world stopped welcoming the tutus and the glitter as freely:

“It was a whole era where I couldn’t really be feminine. Yeah, I was feminine in the end, but it was still femininity existing within masculinity…”

A lengthy quarantine and the transition back to in-person learning left a wide gap for experimentation, and on the day before winter break of her ninth-grade year, Cameron wore her first corset to school.

Since then, her Victorian-esc style can now be seen in its different fonts of white, black, and leopard print across the Eagle Rock campus. Many of these outfits are comprised of Cameron’s favorite thrift finds, fabrics from her family, and pieces from frequent clothing swaps she attends. She also shops at our local Owl Talk, a vintage clothing boutique just down the street.

Although Cameron is in love with fashion’s freedom, she is also a firm believer in the fact that some things can definitely be mistakes. Among some of her personal fashion don’ts are things like Doc Martens and the color purple:

“The yellow stitching ruins the whole look… I think purple’s trying to be blue and trying to be pink…”

Described only as an “astral dreamscape type of vibe”, we can soon expect to see a new era in the future of Cameron’s ever-evolving style. Recently finding herself experimenting more and more with gold jewelry and other colors (especially red), Cameron now aims to embody things like the sun and moon in her day-to-day attire.

Cameron’s captivating outfits are truly a testament to her unique style and genuine passion. Her aspired future in the fashion industry is one that seems to be set in stone by her undeniable understanding of her fashion identity, expressed boldly, beautifully, and ambitiously.


Fashion @ the Rock is a frequent issue that aims to highlight the unique and diverse styles of students on our campus. To be featured or to suggest a feature, contact us by email at or direct message us on our Instagram handle @erscream!

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