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ERHS clubs

Photo by: Celia Rainman

Eagle Rock Jr./Sr. High School has many incredible clubs to choose from. To locate our school clubs go to -> Students -> Club & Activities. I’m here to tell you all the information you need to know about them.


S.A.G.A, standing for “sexuality and gender acceptance”, has been around for six years. This club was created to help support the students on campus. “This club is an inclusive and safe place for you to go to,” says Sponsor Ms. Kissam. “If you are straight but an ally you are still welcome to join.” Members can participate in various fundraisers and events which may include movie nights, tie-dye t-shirts, and pride parades. “If you are questioning your sexuality please feel free to come over, we’re extremely accepting and open to everyone,” Ms. Kissam expresses. This is for all grades and meetings take place every Thursday during lunch in Ms. Kissam’s room 120. You can find them on Instagram at saga_erhs.

Photograph taken by: Gilianne Perlas from yearbook

Circle of friends

Circle of friends is a very friendly and welcoming club where you can make new friends. Sponsor Ms. Smith says ¨This club is a social club about friendship and including everybody in the high school experience to the greatest extent possible.¨ While in this club you will be able to do different bonding and communication activities or activities corresponding with different seasons. Joining this club, you will be able to come out of your comfort zone and have fun. ¨This club has been around for 20 years and was created originally to help with the inclusion of students who have special education services and students who have trouble reaching out and making new friends.¨ stated Ms. Smith. This club is currently not active yet but will be soon, to find out when and where meetings will take place you can talk to Ms. Smith in her room B30.¨Take a chance and do something different maybe get out of your comfort zone a little and you might have a really great experience and make some really great friends.¨ Ms. Smith encourages.

Mental health awareness club

The mental health club is for anyone and everyone. ¨This club is about looking at mental health from a different perspective to normalize the different areas of mental health in a school population so people are not so afraid to reach out for help.¨says Ms. Roman. As of now it's not certain the activities you will do but a goal of theirs is to make posters to encourage students to join. This club has been around since 2020. There is no concrete meeting place yet but they would like to take place in the library during lunch on Thursdays. To find out more details about this club go see Ms. Roman in the attendance office. ¨Just remember that everyone experiences sadness, everyone experiences anxiety, and everyone experiences feelings of loneliness. Just remember when it becomes more intense please come forward and talk to me or someone. My office is in the attendance office. I'm here from Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m. If you can´t see me then see Ms. Busch who is the PSA, we´re here to help you.¨ advised Ms . Roman

International dance club

International dance club is for students of all grades. It has been around since at least 2013. ¨This club is not only about promoting diversity and culture around the world but also for students that need someone to socialize and interact with¨ states Mr . Pedro Martinez. Participating in this club guarantees that you will learn about different music around the world and different cultures. Alongside practicing different dance styles. It was created to promote cultures and to welcome people of different ethnicities. The club meets every Wednesday in the dance room. ¨Think about joining this club, it's something you can enjoy and learn from too, such as new languages, cultures, and dancing.¨ Mr. Pedro Martinez conveys.

Broadcast journalism

Broadcast journalism is an open club for all grades. It has been around for several years but paused during the pandemic. “It’s about putting together audio and video clips and putting them up on youtube and the Eagle’s Scream publication,” says Mr. Hicks. You will be obtaining footage, editing the footage, and then producing it. This club was created to capitalize the energy of people who want to film, take photographs, and perform. “If you like to be in front of the camera or behind the camera we have a job for you and you should come check it out,” Mr. Hicks persuades. They meet every Tuesday in room 216 during lunch. You can find them on Instagram at erhsbroadcast.

Photo by: Suraya Fadel

Girls can create

Girls can create is an incredible inspiring club mainly for women. Although it is more so for girls, they welcome anyone. Ms. Mendoza expresses, “It’s a place where these girls can express their ideas, creativity, and also look at role models from different realms, not just lawyers or doctors but the creative arts like singers, songwriters, and artists so they see that females can be in any position they would like to be in.” Being a part of this club you will be able to do different activities such as grounding or connecting activities and hear from different guest speakers from different areas. As well as a guest speaker may offer job opportunities but you would still need to apply and be of the right age. This club was created by Tomiko Younge and Sidney Hament last year during covid, they originally thought of this club as a way to reconnect with people and be able to talk with someone. They meet every Thursday at horticulture during lunch. You can find them on Instagram at girlscancreate.

Photo by: Ms. Mendoza

Key club

Key club is a community service club that promotes helping the community, volunteering, friendship, and inclusion. ¨Key club is a club where all of our members do community service and we also raise funds to donate to PTT which is the pediatric trauma program which saves lives from kids who suffer from trauma and we also donate to other specific goals. Normally we do local projects like before Covid we did Bark Fest which helped dogs and cats get adopted, we did that for an entire day.¨ says, President Rafaela Trajano. It’s for grades 9 through 12 and has been around for many years. This club was created to support the community and volunteerism. “Joining the club will look good on your college application and you will make good friends as well as good times,” Mr. Cohen expresses. The club meets every Thursday in room 301 during lunch. You can find them on Instagram at erhs.keyclub.

Photo by: Faith Park

There are benefits of being part of a club including good for college applications, making new friends, having good times, great speaking skills, and much more. So go support these amazing clubs and consider joining some of them.

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