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Empty LA: Photo Essay

“Out-not-In” (9/5) This In-N-Out near the Americana, normally packed, is deserted this Memorial day weekend.

“no title yet” (9/5) The famous Americana had a handful of people. In this shot, it may be hard to tell but it was practically empty.

“Donuts and Concrete” (9/5) A completely empty parking lot right next to the Americana’s Parking lot. Now it seems it has been turned into a great area to do donuts.

“No Car Just Mammoth and Tar” (9/5) Are the Mammoths extinct, or the humans? A shot dividing the ghastly La Brea Tar Pits and desolate Wilshire Blvd.

“Yellow Brick House” (9/5) Right across the street of the La Brea Tar Pits is LA’s Craft and Folk Art Museum which has recently changed its name to Craft Contemporary.

“Lonely Guard” (9/5) Outside of LACMA, the well-known lamp installation is typically swarming with everyone taking their own pictures. At that moment, I was the only one taking pictures. Peep the one Guard patrolling the absence of visitors.

“Hall to Nowhere” (9/5) Some may be familiar with the outdoor portion of LACMA. All entries were roped off except for the small outdoor pavilion. The four or five guards were very clear I could only stand in a small area to take this picture. Down the red beamed hall are two more buildings typically full of visitors.

“A Night out on the Ghost Town” (9/5) Los Angeles City Hall stands tall here. The light-up neon fountain has so many memories for me. Every time I went running through the water, when I was younger on a hot day, people were always scattered around. Seeing the Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain and Grand Park empty today made me slightly grieve and left me feeling wistful.

“Date Night Minus the Dates” (9/5) Here is an area that has many music halls and famous theaters. Including the Mark Taper Forum, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, and The Music Center. A great date night for fun music and art-loving couples.

“Loud Bustling Quietude” (9/5) The LA Philharmonic would be a jammed place on a Saturday night humming with excitement and a beautifully constructed orchestra. Now it's evidently abandoned. We can also see the honeycombed Broad Museum peaking out.

“COVID in Bloom” (9/20) Huntington Gardens towards the end of the main entrance is full in bloom. The wildlife has the opportunity to flourish but the dead silence is a new aspect of the gardens that I had to get used to.

“7” (9/20) In Huntington Gardens the Chinese gardens are beautiful as ever but no one to enjoy the lush paradise.

“Eye Poetry” (9/20) Lastly, in Huntington Gardens the Japanese Gardens and Koi are thriving but lacking the familiar essence of still laughter and gathering.

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