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Eagle Rock High School welcomes six new teachers

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

On top of a global pandemic, teachers have remained resilient through teaching faceless rectangles, unresponsive students, on top of many technical issues. With the start of the 2021 school year, an opportunity has opened for them to return to their natural environment: a school campus. But there’s a catch - many have had to readapt to teaching in a real classroom due to their lengthy hiatus from it.

For teachers starting at a new school, there exists one more concerning factor: their natural environment is also an unfamiliar one. Not only in terms of new surroundings, but new systems, procedures, and faces.

Luckily for teachers entering Eagle Rock High School, new isn’t a bad thing, but an opportunity for amazing experiences and connections.

Let’s welcome six new teachers to this 2021-2022 school year!

Mr. Carrano - Individuals and Societies/History

Years of teaching experience: 18 Education background: Liberal arts(Pasadena City College) Liberal Studies, Teaching Credential B.A. CSULA, Educational Leadership MA, Administrative Pre Credential, CSUDH

As a Jeep enthusiast, Mr. Carrano regularly enjoys outside adventures. He loves Hawaii and recently visited the Oahu and Maui islands. Historical sites are another one of his go-tos when considering a hiatus destination.

When it comes to career, Mr. Carrano initially pursued an elementary teaching credential. After subbing for multiple school districts, he encountered one that only ran high schools. It took one social studies class for him to know that teaching high school history was where he belonged. Combined with his love of international travel and acknowledgment of the importance of the past, he was further convinced of his decision.

As the year progresses, Mr. Carrano looks forward to watching his current students thrive in their various academic and extracurricular activities. He especially loves watching the ERHS football games and the growth of the horticulture garden.

Ms. Rincon - Spanish

Years of teaching experience: 18

Education background: Associates degree (A.A.) in social and behavioral sciences from Citrus College, B.A., bilingual credential, and 30 units of graduate-level courses (Masters) from CSULA

Ironically, Ms. Rincon discovered her love for teaching a language as a psychology major. During college, they required her to take a minor in a foreign language, upon which she chose her first language: Spanish. With a love for literature and admiration for her professor’s teaching methods, she decided to pursue the field.

As a nature enthusiast, Ms. Rincon tries to surround herself with the outdoors as often as possible. She even has a membership for Descanso gardens and enjoys visiting to appreciate its beauty.

With the start of this new school year, Ms. Rincon is looking forward to getting to know her students. She values building rapport with them. Along with students, she hopes to get closer to her fellow teacher colleagues. School events and activities are also something she’s looking forward to.

Ms. Trujillo - Horticulture

Years of teaching experience: 1st year!

Education background: Bachelor’s at UCLA in International Development Studies

Implied with the subject she teaches, Ms. Trujillo is nature’s number one fan. She enjoys the simple things from freshly picked herbs to lemons just picked from their tree.

One morning, a small tomato plant was spotted in her yard. Ms. Trujillo and her kids decided to have a taste; it was love at first bite. This would be the catalyst that would guide Ms. Trujillo into the world of edible gardening. After seeing the positive change gardening had on her kids, an interest in working with school gardens instantaneously formed.

Ms. Trujillo looks forward to seeing the transformation of the horticulture garden. As she puts it, she is “excited about seeing the garden transform to a beautiful, thriving ecosystem of flora, fauna, and fun.” As physically demanding as horticulture might be, Ms. Trujillo is excited to see her students enjoy the literal fruits of their labor.

Ms. Marquez - College and Career Counselor