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Dog food, track practice, and cheese: our community reopens

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Quarantine began around a year ago, upending employment, education, and the economy. With the initial wave of safety measures came the restriction of operations for almost all businesses, and the permanent shuttering of some who were unable to stay afloat.

Now, thirteen months after the first shut-down protocols and with the flattening of the Coronavirus’s curve in Los Angeles, our community has begun to reopen. Here’s how it’s going:

Relentless Brewing is one Eagle Rock restaurant that is currently open for business (both remote ordering and in-person dining). On March 15, limited indoor dining was allowed again in Los Angeles County. Five days earlier, however, Relentless was cited for letting customers sit inside, next to the open garage-door style window.

Penny Oven, the bakery next door to Relentless Brewing, first opened in mid-June of 2019, and less than a year later, had to cope with the pandemic. For the past months, it has been maintaining steady business through take-out ordering and a makeshift outdoor eating area, shown above.

Businesses like Milkfarm, an artisan cheese shop, have fared better than some during the pandemic, with curbside pickup, and by offering comfort foods that many cannot make from home or easily purchase online.

Peter Berman, owner of Rock Dog and Cat, carries a bag of pet food to a shopper’s car. Throughout the pandemic, Berman has allowed only one customer inside the store at a time, and has followed strict protocols for the safety of customers and staff. Rock Dog and Cat has never had to close during the pandemic, because it was deemed an essential business.

Weekday afternoon shoppers on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, where many restaurants have set up outdoor eating areas that spill from the sidewalks into the street.

The Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino reopened on July 1, 2020 to visitors with advance tickets. Capacity is restricted, and face coverings are required.

Visitors at the Huntington.

The Rose Bowl Aquatics Center in Pasadena, where practices have reopened for local swimming, diving, and water polo teams, following months of virtual training outside of the pool.

Eagle Rock High School athletes, back at practice after nearly a year without school sports.

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