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Eden Greene (they/them) was born and raised here in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. At home, they enjoy spending most of their time with their greyhound, Jupiter. Since a young age, reading came naturally to them, every finished book creating a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

A writer for the Eagle’s Scream for three years now, Eden tends to write about world news, hoping to provide people with up to date information and keep them knowledgeable about the events happening around them. Outside of writing, they are heavily involved in the swimming and water polo program here at ERHS, as well as at the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center. They have been, and continue to be, successful in both of these pursuits.

After graduating high school, Eden would like to further their education in college. What they will major in is not quite clear at the moment, but they have several options. Whether it be journalism, writing, or environmental sciences, when the time comes, whatever Eden chooses, that career would be extremely lucky to have them.

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Eden Greene

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