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Dia De Los Muertos: The celebration of life and love

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Dia De Los Muertos is the celebration honoring ancestors that have passed away. This spirited holiday is filled with so much hope, love, and life. However, this year’s celebration has been significantly difficult to enjoy due to the pandemic. As one who celebrates it myself, it is saddening that the celebrations and traditions that once took place can no longer happen.

Photo by Briana Garcia

The beloved Olvera plaza is normally filled with celebration during these times. Sadly, this pandemic has limited what can be done. The walkway was bare, and, though vendors were still setting up, it wasn’t the same. From a distance, music, booming laughter, and stories could be heard by multiple shopkeepers as they got ready for the day. The joy and love that surrounds this holiday could still be found despite the gloomiest of situations.

Photo by Briana Garcia

The timeless wishing well that many come to visit at Olvera Plaza is decorated with a Calavera. This honors those who have passed, and those who come to make a wish can be watched over by the ones they love.

As someone who celebrates this holiday, this time of year can be hard. Although Dia de Los Muertos is centered around celebrating life, it is difficult to look past the mourning that comes with it. About four years ago my family suffered a great loss when my grandpa passed away. It is certainly hard, but my family and I get together to tell stories and memorialize his life (now, socially distanced).

This holiday is especially beautiful, and, despite the pandemic, it has allowed families to get in touch with their loved ones. Even in the toughest times, the smallest act of celebration goes a long way. Feliz Dia De Los Muertos.

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