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An Alumni’s Story: Lauren Gonzalez

Photo courtesy of Lauren Gonzalez

High school seems like the longest four years of our lives, but once we leave, we realize just how quickly this chapter of our lives has flown by. School becomes the stepping stone to a long and successful future, but not everyone feels the same about those four years. How have students of previous years' perspectives changed based on their experiences?

Lauren Gonzalez, graduating class of 2017 and CALState attendee described herself as laid-back in high school. “I had fun, doesn’t mean other people did. It just wasn’t that bad for me but not everyone has the same experiences. It’s kinda what you make it.”

Gonzalez wishes that she’d procrastinated less on her homework. Although she believes it’s important to enjoy your high school years, she did recognize that she wasn’t particularly studious. She gave other procrastinators some obvious, but important, advice. “Do your homework, and don’t do too many extracurriculars because you’ll probably regret it. Just stick to the things you’re really passionate about. I also think it's important to make friends in all your classes or at least know that you can ask someone for help.” She mentioned that she was pretty lazy with her work, but stresses the importance of doing your work on time, and not wasting time doing things that you aren’t interested enough to stick with.

Speaking of doing things that may cause you more grief than anything, Lauren called out activities she’d consider a waste of energy, “Class officers aren't worth it if you don’t want to actually dedicate your time to it. Spending my money on afterschool snacks and things I didn’t really need really messed me up. Also taking classes just because your friends are taking them is a waste of time, especially if you’re not interested in the class.” It’s important to practice managing your money in high school, and just as she said, spending it on afternoon snacks might not be a good decision.

Seeing as Lauren is a college student, her advice on applications was valuable, “Just send your FAFSA on time.” She clearly had some strong opinions toward the FAFSA process. “And don’t put too much pressure onto one college.” FAFSA is a financial aid application form that’s crucial for families that are unable to pay for the full price of college.

When reflecting on all of her high school years, she recollects her favorite memories. “I was in Dust Bowl, I was the water girl, and I did the cheerleader’s makeup which was really fun. Prom was disappointing, but JDD was probably my favorite dance. I was also a main character in the Halloween Skit, which we won! I was proud of that, and it was really fun.” She had many great experiences in extracurriculars but wasn’t as talkative about the classes she took. When asked if she enjoyed any class at all, she was blunt, but honest, “No. But I was in a choir with my friends, which was really fun. Not so much the class, but the experience.”

She shows her appreciation to her class of 2017 sponsors for their dedication to making her four years fun and exciting. "Shout out to Youngblood and Oliveros, for holding it down." She called out her class of 2017 sponsors, showing her appreciation for the dedication they put into making her four years fun and exciting.

High school is a different experience for every individual, but what really impacts your school life is both your work ethic and attitude. Life is what you make it, so make it worthwhile!

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