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A recap of ERHS's Spring Music Festival

Subsequent photos by Rebekah Grace de Guzman

On Wednesday night, our school was treated to a night of music held by ERHS’s music department. Compiled from performances by the Orchestra, Vocal Ensemble (which had the pleasure of representing our school in New York City’s Carnegie Hall), Rock Band, and Choir, passion was poured into every note played or sung. Some highlights include several duets, student-teacher Ms. Mendez conducting both the Choir and Orchestra, and the tailpiece of our school’s only cello falling apart! Yet the festival remained mellow and was a tapestry of the talent our music students have.

However, there was a bittersweet tinge in the air: not only because of the wonderful seniors' departure– but also because of the uncertainty of this festival being the last to grace our campus due to the news of Dr. Gindin being displaced. Before the night closed out with a number by the Rock Band, she gave her thanks on behalf of the department and asked the audience to reach out to their representatives to maintain arts education.

We can only hope that as a community, this night won’t be the last we see of these musical groups at ERHS.

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