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A guide to the best concert experience

Photo by Anthony Delanoix on Unsplash

My fatigue consumes me, my vision becomes blurred and suddenly my sight gives out. I dropped to the floor.

It was my first concert, and I was beyond excited to see my favorite artist, Phoebe Bridgers, perform at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. I was so excited about this event that I made it my goal to arrive early and, most importantly, get the best seats possible. I rushed from my school to the subway station and I was off. Despite my father's instructions that I bring water and eat food before, I was only concerned about getting in line and entering the venue. I completed my goal and I was up close to the stage, sure I was gonna have a great sight. This is where I was wrong. This was an outside venue and the weather was hot and humid that day AND there were no seats, so I was standing for quite a while. On top of that, more and more people started showing up and this venue was getting packed. After the opening band performance, I started to regret all the decisions, my legs were in pain and my stomach was growling. It also came to a point where all I was breathing in was hot recycled air. After all that, I fainted and dropped to the floor. I woke up again to my sister trying to pull me up and walking me to a clear area away from the crowd. This hadn't been the fun and enjoyable 1st concert experience that I had anticipated.

These mistakes aren't rare, and many people, especially those new to concerts, can often fall into the trap of these mistakes. But more importantly, even without these accidents, concerts can be dangerous even if it isn't your fault. We even saw Woodstock 99’. There was an insane crowd of over 200,000 people in attendance. With the venue being outside, the mix of the high temperatures and high concentration of bodies proved to be harmful to many attendees. There ended up being about 1,200 injuries due to hostility, dehydration, or sexual assault. And even more recently, we saw the AstroWorld concert where over 50,000 people were herded into a venue space which was way over the maximum capacity. Sadly, there ended up being several casualties as well as multiple injuries at the event.

All this to say, my goal isn't to scare you away from going to see your favorite artists and performers at concerts. However, I want to clear the air on any misconceptions that might be surrounding the idea of concerts, especially if you are new to concert going. Nevertheless, here are a few tips that can help you have a safe and enjoyable experience at any concert you attend:


  • HYDRATE OR DIEDRATE: okay maybe it's not that dramatic, BUT STILL, hydration is key. You will be using a lot of energy at a concert including jumping and dancing, so drinking of plenty of water will only help you

  • GO WITH SOMEONE: It could be a friend, a parent, a significant other, whoever you would like! It will just give you all the more reassurance, going with someone will not only increase your chances of having fun but will also increase your chances of safety knowing someones there for you. I do advise that you make a plan with your concert buddy on where there is a good meet up spot in case you get separated.

  • EAT: Before the concert make sure you get fuel in your body! You are going to want the energy of anyone who doesn’t love a good meal before having the time of your life

  • VENUE SPACE: Now I heavily suggest you understand the venue space that the concert will take place in. Every person has a different comfortability level, so understanding how big the concert will be, whether there will be alcohol served, and if it will be held outside or inside etc. is stuff you should evaluate and become aware of before you decide to attend the event. Lots of this information can be found on the venue websites.

  • SAFETY: Lastly, when you are actually at the event make sure you familiarize yourself with the space. Make sure you know the exits that are closest to you in case of an evacuation emergency. Also make sure you understand where the medical sections are if you are in need of medical attention.

Concerts are a great time. The live music, the energy and excitement, and the great vibes are all the reasons why you should absolutely go see your favorite artists perform right in front of you. I hope that these few tips will help you have the best experience that you possibly can and always remember to stay safe!

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2 comentarios

earplugs or headphones for people who are sound sensitive and also dress appropriately, if it’s outside and night time bring layers

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Reda Rountree
Reda Rountree
18 oct 2022

What a great article! I hope every kid who loves live music reads this.

Glad you mentioned water — hydration is really important, even kids in college forget that. Also, it’s a good idea to have earplugs on you, especially if you end up moving toward the front in the standing-only section and are closer to speakers than you originally intended, or are indoors in a tight space (unlike The Bowl or The Greek). That’s just mom advice :)

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