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What You Should Know about the 2020 Election Candidates

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

The 2020 Election is barreling down on us like a freight train, and finding out about all the candidates may seem confusing, but this article is here to help educate you about the candidates.

The Primaries are taking place between February and June 2020, Currently, there are 24 people in the ring, with 20 Democratic and four Republican candidates. All of the Democratic candidates have spoken out against Donald Trump, and aim to undo his work. The top four Democratic candidates up for election in the primaries are Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden is the former vice president who served under President Obama for two years and is from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Biden is more moderate than the rest of his competitors. He’s running on the platform of restoring the middle class, and America on the world stage. He also aims to maintain the Affordable Care act. Recently Donald Trump tried to get Ukraine to gather dirt on Biden, and Trump could possibly be impeached for this. Biden is currently the frontrunner in the democratic party, polling at 29%.

Elizabeth Warren is a senator from Massachusetts. Some of the issues that she wants to tackle, are restoring the middle class by taxing the wealthy, ending corruption in Washington, and protecting our democracy starting with the right to vote from any possible ID card laws. Warren is currently the runner up polling at 21%.

Bernie Sanders is a senator from Vermont. Sanders is a self-described Democratic Socialist, and ran in the Democratic primaries in the 2016 election, but lost. He wants to institute free universal healthcare and tuition-free college. He would also like to reach 100% renewable energy in the US, by 2030 in order to avert climate change. Bernie Sanders is currently polling third, at 17%.

Kamala Harris is a senator from California. She is known for helping raise the California minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour and winning 50 million dollars for Californian homeowners during the Great Recession. She wants to make medicare available for all citizens, and institute a wide-scale criminal justice reform, and fight for racial equality. Kamala Harris is currently polling in fourth place at 5%.

The next democratic candidate is polling behind the other mentioned candidates but is worth mentioning because he’s running under very different ideas for what to do in office. His name is Andrew Yang. Yang is an entrepreneur from New York. He says he doesn't know politics but knows economics well. He worries about the loss of jobs to automation and wants to create a universal basic income of $1000 a month to every US citizen over the age of 18. Yang also runs under the idea of human-based capitalism where the purpose of the economy should be to better human welfare. Yang is currently polling in 6th at 3%.

There are many candidates in the upcoming primaries and learning about them might seem overwhelming. I hope through this article that you were able to learn more about the top Democratic candidates.

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