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The Mascots of Eagle Rock

Photo by Tomas Diaz

Mascots are everywhere. From schools, professional sports teams, and even companies, everyone seems to have that one special character to represent them. Eagle Rock High School is no exception to this as our mascot, an eagle, can be seen as a unifying symbol in the diverse school that is ERHS. We have two eagles, Rocky and Pebbles, that are at almost every school event and spread eagle pride wherever they go. Rocky and Pebbles are essentially the faces of our school, yet, the majority of our school barely knows anything more about them than the fact that they are our mascots. So let’s gain some insight into two of our most school spirited students at this school.


The story of our Rocky, who is currently an 8th grader, did not start the moment he stepped into our school, but rather two years earlier. With his sister being a former student, he would often go to football games and other sports events with her when he was younger. At these events, he did not just spend his time as a spectator, but he would also partake in hyping up the crowds. He was a mascot without a suit. This display of spirit and enthusiasm did not go unnoticed as Rocky shares the story of one football game when, as a 5th grader, he was approached by Mrs. Keipp and was asked if he would become the school mascot when he came to our school. As we can see this promise was kept and Rocky is now in his second year of spreading eagle pride around our school. Rocky loves what he does and guarantees that he will continue to be the school mascot till the day he graduates.


The story of Pebbles is a tad more complex than Rocky’s as for this year we have had two different Pebbles.

Pebbles #1:

When I got to sit down and talk to the first Pebbles we had this year, the moment I mentioned being the school mascot her face lit up with fond memories. To this Pebbles, being the mascot meant more than just being able to spread school spirit. Pebbles shared that she originally wanted to become a cheerleader but she understood that her shyness would inhibit her ability to perform the way she wanted, so she ultimately decided against it. But even though that shyness stopped her from becoming a cheerleader, it did not stop her from being involved and trying out something that she loves doing. For her, this Pebbles suit was like her superhero costume where all her worries seemed to go away. This was one of her favorite parts of being Pebbles, the ability to dance and perform in front of others without worrying about messing up or her shyness as people could not actually see her. Pebbles loved everything about being the mascot, well everything except the smell she jokingly shared, but still ended up needing to quit as she is involved in other sports as well.

Pebbles #2:

The leaving of our first Pebbles definitely left a big hole in the spirit squad at our school but that hole was soon filled as our second Pebbles quickly came to the rescue. This Pebbles, a former band member, loves football games and performing for the band; this year she found herself wanting to be a part of these games in a different aspect so when the chance to be Pebbles came up she quickly jumped at the opportunity. Pebbles already had a passion for hyping up crowds with her music so when it was her time to perform in the suit, the ability to play this new role came to her with ease. As for her favorite part about being the mascot, Pebbles shares how she loves to “say hi to kids” and “get everyone excited.” Pebbles has loved every moment of being able to be our school mascot and enjoys being able to see our school from this new point of view.

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