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The Impact of Coronavirus

Coronavirus is seeing a larger impact on everyday life as time goes on and it sure seems like this virus is here for an extended stay than previously hoped. By now the death toll as of May 1st has reached 60,000 people and the legitimacy is being questioned by several newspapers because of the large amounts even if it is a low percentage in contrast to other European countries such as Italy with a population of just over sixty million. What was an epidemic only bothering China, through the news we heard, saw the bodies lifted, and felt an eerie feeling of a Hollywood scenario. This cliche became reality as the US now owns a crude fatality rate of around 5% (CFR).

Numbers could be higher in reality for a myriad of reasons. One of them would be the lack of people going to the hospital for their illness whether because they can’t go or don’t want to say goodbye to loved ones if they knew they were going to die. Another is the fact that most graphs displaying reports of confirmed cases in America, whether sourced from CDC or Wikipedia show dips during Sunday or Saturday which is explained by doctors leaving for the weekends. This means cases will go unreported, deaths unnoticed. The struggle was already real for the doctors, people who had terrible working conditions in some areas or the pressure made when losing a patient to any sort of disease. Now they have to handle the usual and more which will inevitably lead to unreported clumps of the population. This is why the quarantine is in place so that the unreported don’t go around the city spreading it aimlessly.

Quarantine is not incredibly tough to do at first but the feelings sink in slowly, the craving for food outside restaurants, meeting friends, and fellow humans aside from family is an activity most people enjoy. All this is not helped by the fact that some days are utterly beautiful when you see it in your neighborhood, the calming clouds. Logically speaking, not everyone is resuming this schedule, protests in Michigan have started because firearm sales have been banned along with seeds weirdly. This sentiment extends across the country with people feeling the price of losing their job does not hold well against the time spent in their homes. Places like Georgia where non-essential businesses are opening up again, or Illinois, Kentucky, etc. Here in California the ship Mercy was almost rammed by a derailed train off the port. We watch the press statements given by Governor Gavin Newsom almost daily on channel 7 explaining the crisis status with his aides.

A crisis that has driven swarms of people ill-prepared to the stores still open and the shops that are selling the required food to push through the quarantine. A list of currently open stores for Los Angeles

  • Grocery stores or supermarkets ex: Walmart, Target,etc.

  • Government offices and buildings that provide services to citizens or are deemed essential.

  • Gas stations.

  • Banks

  • Laundry services or buildings providing that service.

  • A few hardware stores such as Home Depot, or Lowes

  • Wholesale stores

Impact on the body? A public message announcing that there are currently 8 strains of Coronavirus out there in the world, all infectious, and deadly with symptoms ranging from fever, cough, to the rarer ones being diarrhea; however, even more, rare are the symptoms that occur due to infections caused by Corona. Your brain can be affected by seizures and hallucinations. Noting this is important why all people no matter what age or race can be affected by this troubling virus.

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