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Humans of Eagle Rock

Meet the students of Eagle Rock High School! All photos by Nyda Hosack

Juliana Godinez, 9th grade

What’s the weirdest food combination you love?

I love papaya a lot, but my family thinks it tastes like baby food just because of the flavor and texture.

Timothy Driscell and Carlos Chamagua, 7th grade

What reality TV show do you think you could win? 

I think I could win Too Hot to Handle because I'm up for a challenge and I could build connections.

Love Island Australia - it has to be Australia because the accents are cooler.

Zadie Kang, 9th grade

What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

Probably just go on a shopping spree for a day. I'd go to Brandy and Sephora.

Justine Romero, 11th grade

What do you think is the worst fashion trend?

Probably the jeans with the dresses over. I would definitely never wear that because it's really hard to pull off. 

Charles Ritter, 9th grade

Where's the first place you would go in a zombie apocalypse?

Probably a jail because that’s the most secure place. I don’t think any zombies will get in. And the prison food probably isn't too bad so I can live on that. 

Miles Hemingway, 8th grade

What conspiracy theory do you believe is actually true?

The moon landing is fake. I think we sent people into space and they didn't make it to the moon because we didn't have good enough technology. Then they just went on a movie set to fake it and hired actors to pretend that they survived. 

Haobin Chen, 9th grade

What ice cream flavor describes your life?

Cookies and cream because it's black and white, in my life there's a lot of both good and bad.

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