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How to Fix Our Election System

America's election system is horribly broken, and it has always been. For a long period of time, only a certain small set of Americans were allowed to vote, but now every US citizen 18 or over is eligible to vote. Despite these accomplishments, our complicated election system can put a president in office, who didn't even win the popular election. Under our current system; states are divided into electorates. These electorates represent a district, and electors vote for whoever won in that district. The candidate with the most electorates in a state wins all the electors from that state. It's because of this overly complex system, that I have found four new and improved systems.

For the first system, the country would be split into 500 equally populated sectors. Each sector would elect a representative; one for the republican candidate, and one for the democratic candidate, and whichever party wins will send forward their representative. All the representatives would then compete in a publicly broadcasted battle royale, where there will be only one survivor. Whichever party that the victor represents will have their candidate elected as president. This system would create publicity for the election, vastly simplifying it by getting rid of the complicated electoral college, and replacing it with a good old fashioned battle to the death.

The second system is probably the most simple and easy to institute. This system would require the US to enact a constitutional Monarchy, replacing our current system. This would get rid of the need for elections, instead replacing it with chosen leaders. For most of history, most people lived under this type of government, and society thrived. There are several modern-day systems that are similar to this, one example is North Korea. While not a Monarchy, they do institute an authoritarian regime, meaning that no one votes and one person rules over the entire country. North Korea is one of the most free and thriving countries on the planet. I believe that this system would be a much better replacement than our current system, because it would remove the need to vote altogether, getting rid of any voter corruption.

The third system would make the election system quick and very simple, while not changing our country too much. Voting is a very complicated thing. It takes hours to research the candidates and then requires you to go to a polling center and physically vote there. This system would expedite the process by eliminating the need for you to vote at all. The electoral college would be eliminated and replaced by the fortune 500s. These are the 500 largest companies in the US, who make up most of the US economy and employment. These companies should be allowed to have a say in who becomes our president, and they would be able to elect someone who benefits them, and therefore us. Think about it; shouldn't the largest corporations in the country control who is in office? Under this system, companies ranking on the fortune 500 list would determine how much say they have over the election results, for example giving Walmart more sway than AT&T.

This fourth System might be the most controversial one but is, in my opinion, the best option. For this idea, we would surrender the US government to the will of our galactic overlords. I am sure that in all of their infinite wisdom our galactic overlords would be able to guide our government much better than we can. I know that this idea will confuse many people out there who don't believe in “aliens” but, I assure you they exist and are watching our every move. To achieve this idea the government would have to send out a beacon into space telling our overlords we are ready for them to take over, and the rest will be simple.

I will be sending these ideas directly to the president, and his entire cabinet in hopes that one of them will read my ideas and enact them. In addition to this, I will also be sending the ideas in a space beam in order to reach the Master Council of Aliens.

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