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5 iconic movies that will wreck your mental state further

Collage by Anika Norton, Image credits: IMDB, Dead Poets Society screengrab, Edward ScissorHands screengrab

Whether you want to cry, scream, or deeply invest yourself in a new fandom, a great movie is the solution for you. But what will you watch? Perhaps a bunch of teenagers in boarding school? How about an eleven-year-old girl who’s got a bit too much on her plate? Maybe just young Johnny Depp? Whatever it is, at least one of the movies below should fit the bill great. Actually, if you’re here for Depp, two should be great. And with that, let’s begin and roll out the list of 5 iconic movies that will wreck your mental state (further)!

1. Dead Poets Society 1989

Movie poster from IMDB

Starting off strong with an unforgettable masterpiece, we have the Dead Poets Society. Released in 1989 it was a success the moment it hit theaters. Whether it was its incredible cast (featuring Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Lenord, and the beloved Robin Williams) or its powerful plot, audiences and critics knew the movie would last. As far as heartbreakers go this is a big one and will stick with a person for a long time. Believe me, I saw it a year ago and my current Pinterest feed says it all. Lovers of the depressed characters in boarding school trope, members of the fictional parent hate club, this is the movie meant for you.

Triggers to be Noted: Suicide and Death

2. My Girl 1991

Movie poster from IMDB

Following with the movie that started the inevitable downfall of my mental health, we have one that left me sobbing for hours. My Girl. Honestly, just pain. Released in 1991 this is an amazing coming-of-age film and has an incredible young actress’s performance. It is the perfect blend of comedy and absolute destruction of the soul. Certain parts of this movie will make you pause and reflect on why you clicked play, while others will make you cackle. Point is, eventual heartbreak, happy watching! Oh and… “Where’s his glasses? He can’t see without his glasses.” Come back to this later, apologies in advance.

Triggers to be Noted: Death

3. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape 1993

Movie poster from IMDB

Number three on our list is a 1993 masterpiece. Staring young Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Juliette Lewis, and more, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape'' is a powerful story. The film portrays the struggle of disability, acceptance, family ties, and growth of oneself. DiCaprio puts on what critics credit as a breathtaking performance (David Ansen-Newsweek) and is able to translate a range of emotions through his mannerisms on screen. Depp too does an amazing job portraying his character in such an imperfectly perfect way. I did stay up till 2 am watching this film and I regret nothing. It’s definitely one of those need-to-watch movies in life and one can not say enough about how memorable DiCaprio’s performance really was.

Trigger Warnings: Mentions of Suicide, Death, Physical Abuse

4. Edward Scissorhands 1990

Movie poster from IMDB

As we reach the near end of our list we have the 90s classic, “Edward Scissorhands.” Having both incredible set design and a talented cast it was sure to make the list. However, it needs to be judged on a different scale of heartbreak than “My Girl” or “Dead Poets Society.” While it may not leave all viewers crying, the sadness in this film isn’t lacking. Tim Burton pieces tend to have this delicate creepiness that leaves you processing a film for a long time, having just seen it I can say it won’t be leaving me anytime soon. The ending is beautiful but not happy, and throughout the film one gains an understanding of why it has to be like that. Edward Scissorhands is something you just need to watch in your life, though not my first recommendation in the “How to destroy your mental health” handbook.

Trigger Warnings: Death, Blood

5. Strawberry Shortcake: The Sweet Dreams Movie

Movie poster from IMDB

Finally, to finish off our list of heartbreaking masterpieces we have, “Strawberry Shortcake: The Sweet Dreams Movie.” One may look at this and ask themselves “Is this a joke?” The answer is no (maybe). A tale of friendship, resourcefulness, and strawberries, this movie was my four-year-old self’s pain personified. And the highlight of it all, “Silly dreamer,” that song was written from the stars. The amount of nostalgia this film can inflict is off the charts and even just watching clips can bring so much back. Calling all the kids raised on the strawberry queen- you better go stream silly dreamer.

So there we have it, 5 brain-wrecking films, all that’s left now is for you to pick your poison. So hear me out, a Friday night spent scrolling through your phone or a Friday night spent sobbing over a movie while still scrolling through your phone cause none of us can focus on only one thing. Personally, I recommend the latter. And that’s all folks!

Carpe Diem.

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