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By Jessica Calaguas

Mar Isabella Montoya Vega (she/her) is a junior at Eagle Rock High School. She´s been attending the school since seventh grade and thinks of it as simply nothing. Despite this, she is known to rock the rock. She's actually won a trophy for it. Both a writer and photographer for the Eagle´s Scream, she regards the class as a safe space in which she can create comfortably with her friends (¨I love the kids, I am their mother and I am also their granddaughter.")

Mar idolizes SRLA because she, too, is chasing that bag. She is a lover of animals and her favorite is THE red panda. Not A red panda. THE red panda. Mar appreciates all aspects of life, due to her extreme FFOD (fatal fear of death.) She is one of the few lucky contestants on earth to have IBS, so if you want to challenge her FFOD, waterboard her with milk. Her favorite color is blue.

She plans to become a dentist ("Unsure of how journalism skills will help me in life... but I'm a baller so I will get money."), and will then go to school for dentistry soon after. Mar listens to a lot of music, including artists such as Laufey and Adam Sandler, but typically tunes into Mozart on her 300 mile marathons. She's like a David Goggins for the times. "Mozart was once alive, now he's dead. Listening to his arrangements reminds me I am alive so I have the ability to run. It's lowkey philosophical if you think about it." A word of advice coming from author Jessica Ann Calaguas, "Mar is the most gorgeous, kind, iconic, supersonic, hypertonic person to walk this earth. If you are ever in need of deafening silence or endless loudness, she's your guy. She's your father, actually."

Mar Montoya

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