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By Jessica Lau

Karla Montoya is a 14 year old, first generation child who used to make silly faces at family gatherings. More specifically, Montoya explains, “I would scrunch up my mouth and nose, forming two creases that looked like cat whiskers.” Adorable, right? Well, there’s more. Not only was she a charming kid, she was also talented at dance and gymnastics.

Nowadays, nothing much has changed for Karla other than the fact that she has expanded her love of spaghetti to a love for all kinds of pasta. Oh, and she quit gymnastics. Despite that, she has continued her passion for dancing, and her hobbies have further augmented to writing and producing music, playing Genshin Impact, as well as video editing. Some music artists that inspire her to make music are Frank Ocean, Doja Cat, Ateez, and Childish Gambino.

In the future, she would like to go to school for music composition and marketing & advertisement. And if it isn’t obvious yet, her dream is to be a music producer. Due to where her interests lie and the fact that she happens to be a Marvel enthusiast, you will likely see her works in the Eagle’s Scream’s Entertainment section.

Karla Montoya

Karla Montoya

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