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Genevieve Deetsch (she/her) is a born and raised Los Angeles resident, and a sophomore here at Eagle Rock. Before coming here for high school, she attended Aveson Charter School from kindergarten until eighth grade. Since her youngest years, Genevieve has been an old soul -- a fan of early 1900s movies and good books.

Genevieve lives at her Eagle Rock house with her mom, dad, younger sister, and her dog, Kona. She harbors a passion for murder mystery and dystopian forms of entertainment, such as the TV show Murder She Wrote, the book series The Hunger Games, and more. In her free time, Genevieve enjoys practicing the ukulele, reading, and photography, and of course, writing articles for the ER Scream.

Although not sure about what she wants to do when she graduates, Genevieve knows she wants to go to a university where she can study something that she is passionate about. She aspires to travel around -- and photograph -- the world, all the while making time for her ideal job of working in a bookstore.

Bio by Lilah Hayes

Genevieve Deetsch

Genevieve Deetsch

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