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Your Golden Road Starts Here at Investor’s Club!

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

The fact of the matter is that investing is not simple - never was, not for anyone. We all were, and some still are, beginners. Jumping into a pool like that makes it look like the deep end is a hundred feet deep. This club offers a new pair of goggles, helping you see through the water, see patterns in the waves, see the world economy for what it is, not for what it looks like at a superficial level. You think the pool is only for others, not for commoners, or that you’ll eventually dip your hands into it, or maybe you suppose that even if you invest, the profits only come out to a cupful of the pool’s water. The commune that is to be set up in a week is your golden road, your path to the green jewel and the ability to grasp buckets of water from the pool. It will not be lectures, it will not be a handout, but it will teach you something about a system that seems foreign to you even if it’s part of your native country. Your path did not just start; reading this already means you have some sort of interest in investing. Yes, you do indeed want to dip your fingers into the pool. What you need is the Investors Club.

Place your time, if you would, in a club that introduces the basics of money, investing, bonds, and much more if time allows. An environment that encourages discussion with members from all types of families who want a pail of water from that olympic sea. You are welcomed even if you are not a junior or senior, though of course a sense of maturity is needed. The meetings for this club are in the ballpark of happening every two weeks to monthly because of the intention to avoid being an hour and a half online lecture hall. The main purpose of this organization is to raise awareness about money and investing options, and will go into the historic connections the economy has with all parts of a functioning government and their people.

“But who’s running this gig?” you ask. “Who am I supposed to believe?” The student who was fortunate to get this ball rolling before quarantine set in is a senior by the name of “Frederick Tossberg”. Those more familiar with him may recall his nickname, “Fritz”. His experience is long because of his frugality with money. Spanning a time since seventh grade, Frederick has spent enough time trading to claim that he knows what he’s doing, taking instructional classes whenever he can, and listening to advice from his family members who shared the same goal once in their youth. Again, the main purpose of this club is to raise awareness for investing, and someone with the expertise is present to do so.

There’s a ton of things you’ll eventually want to do with your money, but investing should not be something you’ll eventually do. Actions with your money should be done with some sort of awareness as to how you’re doing that action; investing your money should be taken with some sort of care as to avoid losing money as much as possible. As of now, this club will be taught by Frederick alone, but this may change. The classroom environment will be interactive to an extent so it does not quickly bore students attending, and Frederick may share experiences with his own money in the past just to show that he knows what he’s doing. Again, it’s encouraged you join this club for any preparation in investing or money involved choices you make early in your life. We hope to see you at the club, and bring a friend if you know for sure they want to get into investing - after all, we’re all on this golden road walking towards a green jewel. It just depends how you get there, which makes that world of difference.

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