You Should Get Fall Guys This Fall, Guys

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You've probably seen a game called Fall Guys on YouTube, Twitter, or pretty much any other part of the internet that exists. But is it worth buying? Being the noble defender of justice that I am, I will boldly deliver you the truest truth… by playing video games while everyone else writes in-depth articles about worldwide problems.

The game is simple to pick up, not only because of its relatively cheap twenty-dollar price point, but also because of its easy and simple controls. A match starts with a group of 60 players, controlling these weird, cute, bean-shaped… guys, I guess you could call them (hence the game's name). Everyone plays various "rounds", which can be all sorts of different things: an obstacle course race, a team vs team soccer match, or a free-for-all game of tag. At the end of each round, the worst performing group of players is eliminated, until only one player remains.

The game's physics can be… unpredictable. Sometimes when completing a jump I'll just fall on the ground and take a while to get back up, while other times I stick the landing perfectly. Maybe it's just a skill I haven't mastered yet, but it can be a bit frustrating when I do the exact same thing twice and end up fine the first time, but fall over the second (the game is called Fall Guys, what do you expect). This isn't a huge problem though, especially in the earlier rounds where a slip up isn't as big of a deal.

As I mentioned earlier, the game costs twenty dollars. However, unlike many other games, almost all of the costumes and currency can be gotten easily in-game for free. The exception to this is a few extra costumes, and they cost ten dollars collectively.

This might (might? Who am I kidding?) be an unpopular opinion, but I would actually prefer that the game be free and the battle pass cost ten bucks, that way it would be more accessible. I don't really understand how everyone gripes over ten dollar in-app purchases in a free-to-play mobile game but is head-over-heels for thirty dollar extra content to something that originally costs twice that much (I'm looking at you, Pokémon fans). Maybe people feel like having to make a purchase inside a game ruins its immersiveness (turns out that's not a word), but if you're looking for something immersive, I wouldn't really recommend Fall Guys.

As of now, it's only available on two consoles: PC and PlayStation, although Mediatonic (the company that developed it) has remarked that they want to bring it to more consoles. Just hold out, Nintendo Switch owners. It should only be a matter of time. There is a way to play with your friends, although I haven't had the chance to try it because no one I know owns the game (maybe it's time to reevaluate my friendships).

Before I end things, I can't talk about a game without at least mentioning its music, and the music in this game is a jam. It fits the fun and silly vibe of the game really well, and all six of its tracks would fit perfectly into a summer playlist.

Overall, if you have twenty bucks to spare and a console to play it on, I'd highly recommend Fall Guys. Even if you aren't a very experienced gamer, you'll get to understand what everyone is raving about, and you'll have at least a few hours of fun.

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