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Wrestling with graduation

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Photo by Zero Howe

The shriek of a whistle. The start and end of a match. Team against team, wrestler against wrestler. This most recent one was different, though. For Eagle Rock’s last team dual of the 2023 season, 6 seniors were celebrated.

How the night went: Franklin won the night after a stunningly close back-and-forth which ended in a final score of 42-36. Almost every graduating wrestler was able to secure a victory for the Eagles, 4 of which were pins. So, how did those matches go?

Cosmo Weilie was able to secure an early takedown in the first period, followed by two periods of working from top to score a decision victory at the end of the third. His opponent was very defensively capable, but was never on even enough footing to start putting offensive pressure on Cosmo.

However, Joshua Nozawa was unfortunately unable to score a win for the Eagles. After desperately fighting for a takedown through most of the first period, Joshua’s opponent was given priority in position. This led to his opponent choosing to stay in control, and from there was eventually able to turn Joshua to his back and eventually score a fall for the Panthers.

I, Sullivan Valdez, was able to score a takedown and almost achieved a first period pin, but was unable to achieve a fall. In the second period, my opponent was given priority and chose to be in control, but he was unable to stay on top and was eventually reversed. Finally in the third round I was given priority and chose top. While my opponent was almost able to escape, a last-second head-and-arm throw by me was able to send my opponent to his back, where I was able to achieve a third-period pin.

Jubilee Nuño was able to achieve her very first win this season as well! This being only her third time truly competing, she was able to shake off the nerves and secure a takedown in the first period. With her opponent flattened out, Jubilee pounced on the opportunity to not only turn her opponent, but pin her as well.

Georgia Slivar was able to secure a first round fall. Early in the first period, Georgia was able to score a takedown via a single-leg. Then, from the top, she was quickly able to achieve a first round fall for the eagles.

Ruth Ramirez was also able to win via a first-round fall. Nervous coming into the match being a first-year wrestler coming into a new weight-class, after a little bit of feeling out her opponent, she decided it was time to go for a takedown. Her opponent sprawled and did well to defend at first but would eventually give up the 2 points, allowing Ruth to in time pin her opponent in the first period.

Now the Eagles are making their way to Regionals, City Sections, and hopefully for many, State Championships. Will our heroes be able to seize the upcoming weekends? Or will they yet again fall unfortunately short in their search for greatness?

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