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Women on Twitch are low in sub rankings, and I’m infuriated

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Art by Geena San Diego

If you’re at all familiar with the streaming platform Twitch, then you’re probably also familiar with the Dream SMP and its gaggle of popular streamers. If you’re unfamiliar, then let me fill you in: the Dream SMP is a Minecraft server named for and run by YouTuber Dream (dreamwastaken on Twitch) that focuses mainly on roleplaying and storylines involving the SMP’s members. The SMP features prominent streamers such as TommyInnit, Tubbo, Karl Jacobs, Wilbur Soot, Ranboo, and Nihachu, and Captain Puffy.

Recently, Captain Puffy has been getting more attention for being the most subscribed to female streamer on Twitch. This struck me as odd when I first heard it, not because Puffy and her content aren’t entertaining - I actually like Puffy a lot - but because, from what I remembered from the last Puffy stream I’d watched, she was fairly behind in subs compared to some of her Dream SMP peers.

That’s understandable, I figured at first. After all, there are creators on the SMP far more popular than Puffy (Quackity, Ranboo, and TommyInnit, to name a few) who have very dedicated fanbases; that might have accounted for the large gap in subscribers.

Just to be safe, I checked which, among other things, tracks the number of active subs that Twitch streamers have. I was unsurprised to find that Puffy wasn’t in the Top 3; I hadn’t expected her to be. Part of me did, however, expect for her to be in the Top 10 to 15, given that people were saying she’s the most subbed female streamer on Twitch. I didn’t find her there, though.

I did find her on page 3, in 42nd place. I’m sure you can imagine the crushing disappointment I felt when I learned that the most subbed female streamer on Twitch was in 42nd place overall. Not only was I disappointed, but I was also angry. So, so angry. Livid, even. We’re in 2021, for God’s sake, and there’s not a single female streamer in the Top 10? The Top 20? Not even the Top 40? Why the HECK not?! I Rankings

Of course, I know why not: Twitch has a misogyny problem.

That’s nothing new; lots of women on the platform, especially more prominent women, are specifically targeted by certain viewers to receive consistent hate while a majority of the men skate by unscathed. Now, I’m not going to do a deep-dive into Twitch’s history with misogyny, because if I did, we’d probably be here for two and a half weeks (food and bathroom breaks hopefully included), and nobody has that kind of time.

It is important to bring up, though, because, at the end of the day, misogyny is the real reason that more female streamers - and Puffy specifically - don’t have greater numbers of subs. After all, they’re women, fewer people take them and their content seriously, which means fewer people are likely to watch and enjoy their content, which means fewer people are talking about it, which means that fewer people who would enjoy their content get to learn about it. Of course, there are many factors at play when it comes to how many subscribers a Twitch streamer has, namely how often they stream and the fact that it costs money to subscribe to channels on Twitch, but come on; it’s so painfully obvious that this isn’t a coincidence.

It’s important to note that since I began writing this article, Puffy has done two “subathon” streams, which are event streams that creators hold to encourage viewers to subscribe to their channel. These subathons boosted her sub count to about a hundred under 15,000, but this increased effort only moved her up to 41st place. Luckily, though, as of March 12, 2021, Captain Puffy is in 32nd place!! I Rankings Pt. 2

To humanize women and combat misogyny in gaming communities and on platforms like Twitch, it’s important to branch out and spend time watching female creators when you’re not watching GeorgeNotFound streams (and, no offense to anyone, but GeorgeNotFound? Really? You can do better). So, here are some very cool, very entertaining, very pog women who stream on Twitch who you should support!


First up is Puffy, of course! (Why wouldn’t she be? This article was inspired by her, dangit, and I’m gonna encourage you to watch her streams as much as I can.) Puffy is a variety streamer who streams mostly Minecraft, and she has wonderful energy. She puts a lot of work into what she does, and I highly recommend tuning into her streams


Niki Nihachu also streams mostly Minecraft. She’s most well known for being on the Dream SMP. Niki’s very sweet, both with the friends she streams with and people in chat, and her streams are almost always very chill and relaxing to watch after a long day.


You might know Hafu from Among Us games she’s played with streamers Valkyrae, Corpse Husband, Sykkuno, and Disguised Toast. She streams Among Us most often, playing in lobbies she puts together that start at 8 AM PST, and can sometimes go as late as 12 PM, depending on the day. She’s incredibly intelligent and often figures out who the imposters are. Lately, she’s been streaming Valorant as well!


TinaKitten is also friends with Valkyrae and that group of streamers, and she’s featured in their Among Us lobbies from time to time. She also often plays in Hafu’s lobbies. Tina’s very sweet, and watching her try to figure out who the imposters are is always fun (especially when she’s surrounded by sus people).


Sydeon is a variety streamer who mostly plays Valorant, but also plays Minecraft occasionally. She recently did a Little Nightmares II playthrough, and joins Rae and friends for Among Us every once in a while.


xChocoBars, more commonly referred to by her real name, Janet, also plays in Hafu’s morning Among Us lobbies, and is good friends with everyone in them. She also plays a lot of Valorant. Janet’s energy is lovely, and she’s super entertaining!


LaurenzSide is primarily a YouTuber who posts wacky videos of her trying different ridiculous apps and challenges, though she streams sometimes as well! The most common thing she’s streamed recently has been Among Us.


Fuslie is a variety streamer who streams a lot of Just Chatting. Recently, she’s also been playing Valorant on stream pretty often. She’s close with OfflineTV and Valkyrae and friends, and plays Among Us with them when lobbies are set up.

Other female streamers to support include Snifferish, Plushys, Shubble, Lilypichu, BrookeAB, Ash_on_LoL, HannahxxRose, Fluctra, and QuarterJade!!

For the love of God, please support women on Twitch, whether it be by subscribing to their channels, being active in their fan communities, or just watching their streams. It helps not only the women you directly support but also the women who want to stream in the future.

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