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Teacher profile: Ms. Truman

Creative thinker, badminton lover, and avid stamp collector, ERHS’s Ms.Truman is quite the marvel. With 6 periods and a roster from grades 7th to 12th, perhaps you have had the pleasure of meeting her or being in one of her PE classes. If not, you should probably cross your fingers you get her as a teacher next year. After all, she is not only a very dedicated educator but also secretly a giraffe.

Yes, you read that right and Ms.Truman really is an undercover giraffe or at least one at heart. And that statement goes past her long legs and blond hair, as she herself points out. You see, giraffes are very social animals and they move with confidence and grace. Ms.Truman is one in the same, able to strike up a good conversation with anyone and having confidence that is contagious. She also has the ability to touch her tongue to her nose, which is not an easy feat. Perhaps if you ask nicely enough she’ll even show you that party trick.

Any of her students can confirm that at the end of the day, it's hard not to love her class and her as an educator, leaving one to wonder why many aren't familiar with such a cool faculty member. Well, Ms.Truman has only been here for 2 years, which would place her first year online. Crazy way to start at a new school, especially teaching physical education. That digital distance has definitely hindered the “getting to know you,” aspect of her career at ERHS; however, the new school year brings new social opportunities, such as article interviews… So for those who need to know Ms.Truman and those who want to know her a little more, the following is a round-up of the wonderful teacher, starting with her origins:

LBERHSA (Life Before ERHS’s Awesomeness)

Truman was born down south but grew up in a city called Porterville in California. She describes it as, “where the cows meet the ordered trees and grapevines.” She was an athletic child and her love of sports only grew with age. So it is no surprise she got her bachelor's in Kinesiology (the study of human movement). However, Truman wasn’t sold on what sport-related field to go into until she began working with kids. Then teaching started to stand out. Truman admits it really was the all-around fun that sealed the deal.

“And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, like, I'm having fun. They're having fun. We're all having fun. This is like legit fun.’ So then I was like, Okay, let's put these two together. And yeah, here we are having fun.”

So with teaching set in her mind she worked to get her credentials in pedagogy. One might assume she then went straight into Eagle Rock as she doesn’t look a day over 24 (flattery is most definitely the best writing tool), but Truman actually worked at school before ERHS in order to get her student teaching time done. Her ex-school is none other than Edison High School in Huntington Beach. But let’s not dwell on that anymore as ERHS is definitely an upgrade. Truman stayed at the other school for a while after her time was completed but upon a job opening here, she made the switch.

Zoom and COVID

Which puts us in 2020, her first year here, and what's that around the corner? A global pandemic? Perfect! What a great way to start the school year. Ms. Truman admits it wasn’t easy teaching Physical Education over Zoom. But she definitely pulled it off, and many of her participating digital students can testify that. From fitness fill-out charts to escape rooms, Ms. Truman had more than a couple of creative methods of engagement up her sleeve. She even did a digital locker project, allowing students to share what they were interested in and make friends. However, she really does give all the credit to the kids, stating, “I did what I could with it and yeah, definitely have to get creative, but students made it enjoyable. Like I gave them the tools and everybody else just did their thing.” Whatever her magic method was, the outcome was a happy class and a bunch of students who got to know her on the way. Speaking of getting to know, this year in person Ms.Truman has already formed a friend group.

The Squad

That’s right, Ms.Truman has a squad. Featuring none other than the notorious Wilkins, Dunbar, Pandullo, and Pierce. “We spend, you know, most of our lives together. So yeah, I mean, I'm close with all of them. But Wilkins and I, we share an office. We coach the basketball team, the girls' basketball team together. We just have a blast, it’s fun.

The IB Program and a Dad Joke for the Crowds

To conclude the interview Ms.Truman was asked what IB learner profile she was,and despite both the interviewer and her having to google them, the answer has been reached. Ms.Truman is an open-minded, caring, dad joke lover. And her parting words were:

“What do you call a sad coffee?”

“A depresso.

That's all, she’ll be here for years folks!

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