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Teacher profile: Mr. Martin-Rowe

Photos by Claire Duarte

One thing that male English teachers have in common is their style. Throughout history, English teachers have been known to wear straight jeans and khakis with a voguish button-up shirt. Scott Martin-Rowe is no exception to this, as he vividly portrays the style genre of the first male English teacher.

Before becoming an English teacher, Mr. Martin-Rowe had a fascinating career path; he worked as a librarian, at a Starbucks for 9 years, and as a thrift store manager. We can only assume that he got tired of smelling like coffee all the time and went to work at a thrift store. After about a year, he achieved the highest rank (the manager) and, deciding he had beaten the game, decided to pursue new paths. A year after the COVID-19 pandemic ended he started looking for a job as an English teacher again. As he searched high and low he spotted an opening at Eagle Rock Jr/Sr High, so he leaped to the opportunity for a new job.

Mr. Martin-Rowe is most known for his role in Students Run LA, though originally didn’t mean to be in it. “I wasn't planning on doing that this year, since I'm new here, but they needed somebody to kind of take on that role. I like the SRLA program and didn't want it to fail.” As a fellow marathoner himself, he was a natural at the dynamic aspect, but ultimately took on the paperwork portion of the job.

Down in 219A, Mr. Martin-Rowe spends his time concocting his creativity into making children's books, YA novels, and now a television show. His children's book titled “Yefferson Actually” is a compelling story about a little boy whose name is constantly mispronounced, a struggle many of us can relate to. Yefferson is a kid of Latin descent and so is his name. In Spanish, the Y is pronounced as a J, though his fellow classmates don't understand this, leaving him to teach people and overcome the challenges to his name.

First impressions always stick with a person, and my first impression of Mr. Martin-Rowe was an interesting one, to say the least. I walked into his class and he put me into the LA Clipper group, despite not being a basketball enthusiast. Through that first class, I knew that this year would be fun, as he showcased an assortment of random little stories and the most blunt humor I had ever heard. We can only foresee a long employment for our new quirky addition to ERHS's English and Literature Department.

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