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Teacher fashion contest

Photo by Michael Lee via Unsplash, all subsequent photos by Miranda Morales

A teacher fashion contest, to see which teachers have the best style. All styles are different though so there are three different categories. The three categories are sharpest, athletic, and most unique dresser. To be fair, only students will be able to vote. And remember, no matter who wins, all teachers are fashionable.

In the sharpest category, the participating teachers include Ms. Maddox, Mr. Alvarez, Mrs. Malec, and Mr. Khatchaturian. The sharpest category pertains to teachers who dress professionally on a day to day basis. But what exactly does a professional outfit look like? Pieces of clothing that can fall into that category are button up shirts, slacks, heels, dress shoes, ties, long sleeve blouses, and more. Now, here are the participants:

The athletic category includes Coach Dunbar, Coach Pandullo, Coach Aguilar, and Coach Jacobson. Athletic wear can consist of shorts, sweatpants, tennis shoes, breathable t-shirts, leggings, and anything you are comfortable sweating in through any workout. Here are the participants:

In the unique category, the participating teachers are Ms.Lee, Ms.Kissam, and Ms. Dominguez. The category is aimed specifically for the teachers who dress with a sense of extroverted-ness and personal flair that reflects within their wardrobe. There are no certain clothing items for this category, however things that can be considered unique are a multitude of patterns, colors, layers, and more! Mixing and matching is your best friend when it comes to being unique. Here is the final round of participants:

The winners for each category were Mrs. Malec for sharpest, Coach Jacobson for athletic, and Ms. Lee for unique. Were the winning results for who you expected? Just remember, this contest was mainly for fun and nothing too serious. Thank you to all the teachers that participated and spectacular students who filled out the form!

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Lilly O'Brien
Lilly O'Brien
2022년 2월 10일

I love how you chose to write about this! It's a very cool article, and I love the pictures. Go Ms. Kissam!

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