Student Showcase #1: Becca's Bites

Quarantine has been a life-changer for almost everyone, students and adults alike. Not only has it been a physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging journey that we will all vividly remember, it’s also been a huge challenge testing our boredom tolerance. With most of us trapped within our households, we are all slowly but surely running out of things to do. You have no idea how many times I’ve looked inside my fridge for absolutely no reason. Anyways, some of us are able to get rid of this boredom through homework now that school has started up again. However, while everyone is waiting for the inevitable end of this pandemic, some of us are planning big things for when we are allowed to safely go outside. Many might go to the restaurants they’ve craved, see a few friends without the help of a screen, and maybe even shop at the malls they’ve missed. Others have even bigger plans than that, and I want to shine the light on those people.

To start off this series of student showcases, this first installment focuses the spotlight on 9th grader Rebecca Castro. More commonly referred to as Becca, she’s known as very creative and friendly amongst her friends. While she does take part in a lot of activities and pastimes outside of school, one of her hobbies was passed down to her through generations. It is the skill of turning a bundle of ingredients into something most of us associate with happiness and maybe even childhood. This hobby we are speaking of is the “unappreciated art” of baking. While baking is a wonderful skill to practice on its own, Becca has decided to do something extraordinary with her confectionery knowledge.

“I love the stuff my grandma bakes me, and I wanted to learn how to do it, and I just loved her recipes… Just thinking that Julian [Becca’s friend and co-owner of this company] kind of helped me, like, ‘Maybe we should do something with it.’ Maybe I could bring her recipes to life, like make them more known… I'm in business with the best people ever. They are not only my best friends, but amazing culinary chefs. It's a pleasure to work with them.”

You read that right. She is the proud co-owner of her own company, Becca’s Bites, with the help of family recipes and her partner in-crime, Julian Angeles. For her menu, she is stirring her “whimsical” and “out of the box” personality straight into her cupcake batter. They’re taking food that’s normal on its own, but unusual for a cupcake. To name a few, they’ve got Froot Loops, Strawberry Lemonade, and Apple Pie cupcakes.

“My favorite cupcake is actually something that hasn’t been fully put on the menu yet. I call it the Banana Split Cupcake. It consists of three cupcakes, a lot of whipped cream, and a banana. So, the substitute for the ice cream would be cupcakes.”

Currently, the small team behind “Becca’s Bites” have their priorities straight. Quarantine has given them more time to really plan their business out, and making sure they are doing things right. They’ve all been working as hard as possible, caring more about the quality over the quantity, ensuring their unconventional ideas turn out good and make them memorable.

Becca and her team want two main things to come out of this cupcake-making business. Not only do all of them want to make their mark, but they are also using this business to help support the Arabic Honors Society Club run by Mrs. Daher-Romans. This club is all about raising money for Arabic culture field trips for those in the club or class. Their motive to help this club specifically makes sense, as two of the three people part of the company are studying Arabic. Becca states, “I think if I’m able to get us enough money for fundraisers, from this fundraiser, I think I’d be very satisfied.” As a fellow Arabic Honors Society member, I am all for Rebecca’s plans. They may be only in the first stage of making this business, but that doesn’t stop the fact that they are committed to what they are doing. We both agree that commitment is the key to success. I’m just sad thinking that the time frame for when their plans get into motion is unknown. Once this virus is no more, however, you’ll be sure to see Becca’s Bites will be roaming campus putting smiles on people’s faces through their pastries.

I am interested to see if anybody else out there is prepping big things for post-quarantine, as I found Becca’s plans quite interesting and fun. So, if you are one of these people, I’ll be glad to interview you for Eagle’s Scream. Simply reach out to me by any form, or just fill out this form:

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