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Restaurants Turn to Online Grocery Stores

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Art by Jillian Mae Machacon

Though we all want to support small and family-owned businesses, eating out every meal isn’t the most budget-friendly way to get your daily sustenance. So we turn to supermarkets, which, with their crowded aisles and street-length lines; now pose the risk of contracting Covid-19.

Enter online grocery stores. Many restaurants have started to sell some of their supplies online for pickup or delivery.

Since small restaurants mainly gain revenue through dine-in customers, they are among the most affected businesses by the pandemic. And simply switching to takeout won’t cut it for many. Selling the kitchen’s inventory additionally, however, is a great way to increase sales.

Restaurants have huge quantities of ingredients like flour and sugar to accommodate a multitude of customers. These items can be packaged into smaller sizes and sold online individually.

This temporary shift to the online grocery market can be seen as just a brisk 15-minute walk from ERHS. Four Cafe, a restaurant that usually serves up seasonal food and drink has become one of the thousands of restaurants pursuing online grocery. In addition to their typical menu; staples like sugar, yeast, and flour are now available on their website as well as a variety of other culinary commodities. Although prices begin to rise as small businesses struggle to stay afloat, buying groceries online is often more sustainable than buying a meal from the very same place.

If we forget about small businesses during this trying time, many will be forced to reduce their employee’s pay or lay them off completely. Some may even go out of business.

So, if you can, support online businesses at your budget. Your favorite restaurant just might have an online grocery store.

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