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Papa's Hunger Games

We’ve all played them. We’ve all also gotten caught playing them.

The Papa’s franchise has been in our lives since 2007, but one question haunts the minds of those who actually care. Which Papa’s game is the best?

I gained my inspiration for this article from videos on youtube ranking the Papa’s games’ stories, characters, and ending scenes. Oddly enough, I didn’t find one rating of the games themselves. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was enough to spark my curiosity.

Here we go kiddos, buckle in your seatbelts- we’re going for the slowest ride possible. This is a total waste of time! You’ve been warned! Those still curious enough, read on!

I conducted two polls. The same game won twice.

The first poll was not really a poll. I played, you could say, “Hunger Games” with the different games on my Instagram story. The idea was that people would vote games out until the best game was the last one standing. I began with the savory foods. Italian food versus Italian food, American food versus American food, and so on. Like that, I moved my way down to the deserts. Eventually, I would take all the winners and do it over again. In the end, it came down to two games: Freezeria vs. Sushiria.

The second poll was an actual poll. I gathered 104 responses from, mostly, seventh graders. Oh, how kids dislike Hot Doggeria. In third place came Papa’s Pizzeria with 12.5%, an honorable percentage and not too shabby compared to the rest. In second place came Papa’s Sushiria with 15.4%. In the beginning, I did feel like Sushiria would take the winning title. I was proven wrong. And finally, in the first place came Papa’s Freezeria with 29.8% of the votes. I can’t say I was surprised, it won the first time around.

Now, does that answer the question of which game is the best? Haha. No. Freezeria seems to be a favorite among many kids and adults (my following contains a good portion of young adults aged 18-25) but some people still like Hot Doggeria! And who am I to tell them that’s wrong! That’s like telling gay people they shouldn’t be gay! Well, anyway, thank you for allowing me to waste your time with my (almost) pointless collected research! At least now I know which game my followers, and Mr. Hick’s seventh-grade classes, like best.

Anyways, forget BTS. What’s your favorite Papa’s game?

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