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Middle school penalty kick tournament: a brief review

The Green Talons look on as Roxy Katz prepares to blast the winning goals. Photo by Ms. Wilkins

In another successful house-versus-house competition, the Green Talons came out victorious in the first-semester penalty kick competition.

The match was hard-fought and exciting, with some of our best middle school soccer players coming out to compete in front of a very supportive crowd.

In the end, though, Green Talons relied on the mighty foot and leg of Roxy Katz who was able to launch a bending rocket shot into the upper left corner against goalie Carlos Chamagua.

Each team had eight penalty shots and Green Talons won by scoring five out of eight shots. In second place was Gray Wings with four shots, followed by Raptor House with three, and Eagle Eyes with two.

Green Talons celebrates a well-deserved victory

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