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Life as an introvert

Image by Alex Block via Unsplash

You walk through the halls during the passing period, going to your next class. It’s loud, with the voices and conversations of others filling the area. As you pass people, you often catch a good chunk of a conversation, one person speaking to another. Things like this are just one example of the countless times you will encounter people every day.

Seeing myself as an introverted person, people are a daily struggle for me. Because of this, I am seldom in public places. I find more comfort in spending time by myself or with close friends than in public, with dozens or more people around me. In my opinion, people are often just too overwhelming. Places such as restaurants are commonly filled with large amounts of people, which to me, is not a good thing. I have had multiple bad experiences in restaurants, both of which probably increased my dislike of public places.

People in general are easily capable of annoying and exasperating me. Small things tick me off when I am already tired or stressed, even if just internally. Occasionally, I will be somewhere, either walking or sitting in class doing work, when I will hear somebody say something completely wrong factually or sometimes even morally; that sushi is something to fry, for example. Things like this agitate me very easily, and will almost always leave me thinking about what I heard for a while.

Moreover, there are some days on which I just can’t stand people. When this happens, I am constantly in a bad mood and annoyed by every little thing; even things that would usually pass right by me. Days such as these almost always end with me stressed, exhausted, and in a horrible mood by the end of the day when I am usually the calmest.

Though being an introvert constantly makes social situations difficult, in my opinion, it’s not all bad. Because I choose to avoid situations that involve me with large groups of people, I can create better relationships with those that I do know well. Rather than knowing a lot of different people, I have a small group of friends that I am much more comfortable with; and while some people would probably prefer having a large group of friends, I am someone who is much more comfortable with a select few. Being an introvert is not easy, but then again, I can’t imagine anything is. Social situations, people, crowds; all of these are things that can cause struggle. Yet, when you think about it, all it is is a lifestyle, and once you’ve been living like it for a while, it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

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