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Kids are put into a cult, the rest will shock you

Image Credit: Dhar Mann Studios

Recently on the internet, a famous figure going by the name of “Dhar Mann” has been creating content rapidly. He is most known for producing “inspirational” skits featuring striking headlines like, “KID TRIES TO KILL MOM FOR IPHONE 14, What happens is shocking” or, “11 YEAR OLD ARRESTED AT SCHOOL, What happens will surprise you”.

While most people would consider these videos to be a waste of time, some have an addiction. The way Dhar Mann has received a lot of his views is actually through other people. Many accounts on social media like TikTok or YouTube reupload Dhar Mann's content to split it up and make fun of it. According to his YouTube statistics, the majority of his viewers are aged 18-24 years old.

Now, Dhar Mann might seem like a fine person to someone who isn’t educated in the field of YouTube theories. Sadly, there’s a dark conspiracy behind his videos. Serious new information has been leaked about his child actors and the amount of time they work. We at the Eagle’s Scream decided we had to figure this out. One of our researchers risked his life to do research on Dhar Mann’s videos to get to the bottom of it. What he found was truly shocking.

We instantly got our most skilled mathematicians to figure out this case. They couldn’t figure out how Dhar Mann’s cast has enough time to make 5 fully edited, acted videos in a week, given that there are lots of children on set. Each of his videos is around 20 minutes long. Legally, child actors can not work more than 8 hours in a day, which is probably as long as it takes to film a 20-minute video, because they likely have to do a lot of retakes. However, the same laws don’t apply to YouTube because the law does not recognize children. There are many child actors that are recurring characters in Dhar Mann’s videos. Two of the most iconic kids are “Jay” and “Mikey”. They are canonically friends and are both aged around 10 years. After studying this case for a long time, they came up with two explanations.

The first explanation is that these so-called “actors” are actually robots. They were created by Dhar Mann himself to have workers that are available all the time. It explains why they stay the same throughout every video with the exact same outfits, haircuts, and voice. It also explains how the kids have enough time to act each week. However, if this theory is correct, then there are a lot of questions to be asked about how he got so good at making robots so realistic, and what else he can do with that ability.

The second explanation is much more likely. There is an alternate universe in which Dhar Mann and his cast live. They don’t experience the passing of time, and they can make as many videos as they want. It makes sense because there’s no time crunch to make content daily.

At the end of the day, our team of licensed professionals has not committed to one explanation yet. There’s much more information to gather and assess about the paradox. We urge our readers to try to figure out what could be happening behind the scenes at Dhar Mann Studios and to stay safe.