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Introducing Eagle Minizz

Art by Karen Lin

In this day and age, the average human attention span is getting shorter by the day. We’ve gotten used to constant dopamine with social media and short-form content. Even Netflix has released their own platform, “Fast Laughs,” and more companies such as YouTube and Instagram have already capitalized on this by making their own TikTok-esque sections of their apps, which were hugely successful.

Most people don’t enjoy reading, so they would rather scroll away at one of these apps. Because of this, the Eagle’s Scream has been going through a rough patch and we’ve been getting less views for each new article we publish. We all thought that our website was doomed, until I proposed a brilliant plan to get more viewers. After I pitched the idea to make our own short-form content platform, Eagle Minizz, the website team agreed. The main website manager, Owen Taylor, is a big supporter of this idea. He says, “We need to get in on this craze. We have to beat our competitors’ platforms, Franklin Funniez and Marshall Madhouse.” He speculates that if we add this new section of our website, our average article views will go up by 24.5%.

The following videos are 3 of the finest pieces of art made on our new platform. It’s a 3 part series of intense horror. Watch at your own caution.

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